President Donald Trump had promised a US-Mexico border wall to ensure that unauthorized persons do not enter America via the land route. Specifications for the wall were rigid and a number of samples were prepared based on the specifications.

The first phase is now a two-mile long wall and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has inaugurated this in the Calexico site in Imperial City, California. It sports a plaque that bears the name of the president among others.

Daily Mail UK reports that the Homeland Secretary while speaking on the occasion, said that the wall would send across a message to those who try to enter the United States illegally.

Right now, migrant caravans are moving towards the border and are nearly 1000 miles away from Texas. She made it clear that those who do not have a legal right to enter should not try to force their way in.

Reinforcements at the border wall

The US-Mexico border wall was a part of the election campaign strategy of Donald Trump promised in 2016. The prototype of the wall was made of concrete in San Diego. However, the stretch of wall inaugurated by the Homeland Secretary is not a concrete wall.

Additional troops will move to the southern border as authorized by The Pentagon. They will augment the 2000 National Guard members who are already on duty at the border. In addition, there will be barricades and fencing. There will also be the provision of aerial support to transport Border Patrol personnel and medical teams.

Kirstjen Nielsen wants additional funds for the border wall as the midterm elections are around the corner. She emphasized that guarding the border is a matter of national security and funds are necessary. During his presidential campaign, Trump had said Mexico will finance the wall but that does not appear to be happening.

Hence, there has to be an alternative and the Homeland Secretary wants Congress to find a solution.

There could be travel ban imposed to block immigrants

According to Sky News, the White House is considering several options to check entry of unauthorized persons into the United States keeping in mind security aspects. One of these options is to introduce a travel ban that will act as a deterrent for migrants seeking asylum in the country.

A caravan of migrants, fleeing from violence and poverty in Central America, is already moving through Mexico. The Trump administration is contemplating a number of steps to check the influx and these could face legal hurdles.