Leah Messer is all about her family and those with pets know that they are members of the family too. Anyone who follows Leah knows that her dogs are very special to her so if anything happens to them, she gets really worried and upset. She is constantly posting pictures of the pooches and even proclaimed that her boxer named Champ is the "best dog in the world" about a week ago.

So when Champ's safety came under fire, Leah freaked out. She had to rush Champ to the vet for emergency treatment and now, she's really worried about his safety.

What happened to Champ?

On Wednesday, Leah Messer took to Twitter and asked her fans for prayers. "Say a prayer for my family!" Leah wrote. "I didn't sleep at all last. We had to take champ to the vet yesterday and he stayed overnight for surgery. Were picking him back up today. Needless to say, yesterday was a sad day for us. We're just so happy that he's okay!"

Of course, there was a huge amount of support on Twitter for Leah and her dog. Those who follow her Instagram page already know who Champ is. He's her bug, cute boxer that shows up often in family pictures and sometimes even in solo snaps. It's clear that he's very much loved by everyone in her household and losing him would be tragic.

It turns out the story of what happened to Champ is super scary and sort of common. Leah let Champ outside to use the bathroom. She explained that within minutes of being outside, a coyote attacked her dog! According to Leah, it happened right outside her house and thankfully, the coyote didn't kill her precious pet.

Leah won't let it happen again

Leah was able to get Champ away and rushed him to the vet. He was kept overnight to make sure that everything was okay. The coyote attack scared Leah though. She's afraid that if she lets her dog run free outside, it might happen again.The "Teen Mom 2" star told her followers that she wasn't going to do that anymore.

Instead, she plans to always take Champ out to use the bathroom on his walking leash instead. That way he can't run off and get into trouble because she'll be right there with him.

She's also looking into having a fence put up to keep the coyotes out and her dogs in. That's not a bad idea since he'll probably want to run loose outside again. That's just how boxers are.

The whole shocking dog emergency went down on Tuesday night, with Leah filling in fans on Thursday. She also shared that she picked Champ up from the vet on Thursday and he's doing great. Thank goodness Leah's pet boxer is okay.