Stormy Daniels (Stephanie Clifford), was arrested in a men's club in Columbus Ohio, according to her lawyer. Michael Avenatti took to his Twitter account to make the announcement, the New York Times reported today (July 12). Stormy Daniels made the headlines over her alleged affair with Donald Trump before he became the president of the United States. Now she has made the headlines again, this time for something that allegedly happened in a strip club. The New York Times wrote, "Stormy was scheduled to appear at Sirens Gentlemen’s Club in northeastern Columbus on Wednesday and Thursday, according to the club’s website."

According to The Wall Street Journal, lawyer Avenatti said, "said, “We will vehemently contest all charges.”

Stormy Daniels may be a political target says lawyer

The arrest may have been motivated politically her lawyer said.

His tweet, which was picked up by the media very quickly, indicated that he believed the arrest was "a setup" and was "politically motivated." He also noted that there was some reason to suspect someone had acted in a desperate manner.

It was alleged that Stormy Daniels allowed someone to touch her (in a non-sexual manner) during her show at the club.

Apparently, it is against the laws of Ohio for people who work in a naked or semi-naked environment to touch when in a state of undress, unless they are family. The allegations are that Stormy "allowed" someone to touch her. Avenetti pointed out that he expects she will be charged with a minor misdemeanor.

Donald Trump is out of the country at the moment

Donald Trump is over in Europe at the moment, visiting the Queen and Theresa May with his wife, Melania. Some of the reactions to the news on Twitter seem to blame him for being behind the arrest, (or at least his party).

One user tweeted, "I wonder how long it will take the #GOPB*stards to try to go after #TheResistance We are united and they fear us. We are not afraid of them. We know what is at stake & are committed. We work 24 hours a day. Our country needs us to take a stand #FightClub #ThResistance."

Meanwhile, another person agreed it looked like a setup, tweeting, "This has @Jim_Jordan fingerprints all over it IMO. @StormyDaniels #Setup."

According to the Wall Street Journal, the White House has not replied to a request for a comment on the arrest of Stormy Daniels.

Although Avenatti did say he expected her to be out in a couple of hours, there were no further updates on his Twitter about the Stormy Daniels arrest in Ohio, at the time of writing.