Buckingham Palace has disclosed the itinerary of Donald Trump. He will meet Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Theresa May during his brief visit to Britain. He's expected to Travel by helicopter according to Lance Price, who was cited by the Independent. Price, former media adviser to Tony Blair said that "he thought Mr. Trump would predominantly be flown around by helicopter during his visit. It’s likely he would use the presidential state car, nicknamed “The Beast,” for any other travel." Trump will be accompanied by First Lady Melania. The two are scheduled to have tea with the Queen.

Daily Mail UK reports that Trump and the Queen will be greeted by an honor guard of the Coldstream Guards along with other formalities. He loves military parades and was impressed by the one he saw with President Emmanuel Macron during his visit to France last July. He wanted to have a similar military parade in Washington D.C.

Activities lined up for Donald Trump

Donald Trump is on his first trip to Britain after becoming president. It is also his second European stopover after Brussels where he met leaders of NATO. British Prime Minister Theresa May has arranged for a military display and a visit to a defense site. There, they will witness an integrated UK-U.S. military training

The two leaders will attend a glitzy black tie dinner on Thursday evening at Blenheim Palace.

This place has links with Sir Winston Churchill and his family. The military display will be held in the Great Court of this palace.

Incidentally, Trump is not likely to take in the sights of London but USA Today noted that Woody Johnson, the US ambassador in the UK said, "'The president is not avoiding anything. The president is merely trying to get as impactful a trip as he can get within a 24-hour period." Nevertheless, the U.S.

Embassy in Britain has already advised Americans in London to "maintain a low profile" in case protests turn violent. On Friday evening, the first couple plans to go to Scotland where Trump owns two golf courses, and spend the weekend there.

All eyes are on Trump’s visit to Britain

The police will be on alert for this brief visit.

It has been describe by the Independent as “one of the largest police operations in UK history.” This is because of the possibilities of public protests against Donald Trump turning unruly or violent. The protesters have already planned their hoisting of a ‘Trump Baby’ balloon in Westminster to protest against some of his policies.

The Independent UK adds that Trump’s meeting with the Queen is an important event. During her 66-year reign, she has met several “prominent figures,” and had a special rapport with former US president Barack Obama. He paid her a visit on the day after her 90th birthday.

The Queen has previously received three US presidents at Windsor Castle since the 1980s and Trump will be the fourth.