Donald Trump's much-awaited visit to the UK is over. He faced massive protests in London where a baby Trump balloon was floated intending to make him aware that the British people do not like his race oriented policy. Protestors raised the baby Trump balloon with support from Sadik Khan, the Mayor of London. The president true to his style took it in his stride. He really was not bothered about these protests. Even in Scotland CBC News has reported that the president continued with his game and also waved to the protestors.

Golf and Scotland

Trump owns two golf courses in Scotland.

He played golf at one of the resorts, and a handful of protestors had a novel way to protest by having a picnic close to the course.

The president was unfazed by protests even as over 10,000 people marched in the Capital of Scotland Edinburgh protesting against the perceived racial policies of Trump.

The UK visit showed that Tump is in full command wherever he goes and can be forthright in his comments. Despite all the niceties and praise for Theresa May, the president did get across his message that in case the UK backtracked on "Brexit" the trade deal with America will suffer. Trump has already castigated the EU for unfair trade practices. One has to agree with him grudgingly, and it is on record that he is the first president who has taken the offensive against recalcitrant allies who give lip service but oppose the USA.

London protests

London was the center of opposition to Trump's visit. The Independent has reported that over 100,000 took to the streets to protest against the policy of Trump.

There is a good chance that these massive numbers may not have turned up if the mayor of London was someone other than Sadik Khan. Tump has tweeted against him, and Sadiq has replied back in kind.

Russia and Putin

The president took the protests in his stride and continued to Scotland, where the protests followed him. He will now fly to Helsinki to meet president Putin, a man who he had hailed during the election campaign and also congratulated him on his election win. He has already made some conciliatory noises by advocating the reinstatement of Russia in the G-8 and referring to Russia as a competitor and not an enemy.

He walked the tightrope on the Crimea by saying it was all the fault of President Obama and in case he was the president Russia would not have annexed the Crimea. One has a feeling that despite opposition from the EU, he has decided not to make Crimea an issue.

Last word

The protesters would have all gone home, and many would be wondering what they achieved by the demonstrations as the president just did not seem to bother about them.