During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico to prevent the entry of people who could be a threat to the country and its people. He indicated that Mexico would pay for the wall but the possibility appears to be a farfetched dream.

Washington Times reported that the White House backed a House Spending bill which includes funds earmarked to build a border wall. The amount is $5 billion which will pay for the construction of another 200 miles of physical barrier. Such a wall is necessary from the point of view of securing the border against infiltration by unwanted elements.

Border wall is essential Trump believes

The United States already faced a terrorist attack that took a heavy toll of human lives. Donald Trump does not want a repetition of the Sept. 11 type of attack, or any other attack. He also wants to stop the drug cartels and criminal elements from easily entering the USA. He wants to ensure the safety of Americans, and the Mexico border wall could play an important role. There are gaps in the existing wall and those with evil intentions use them to cross over and enter the country.

Sarah Sanders, the White House Press Secretary, clarified that the extra spending on beefing up border security is necessary because it is a part of national security. The purpose is to strengthen the border and plug entry points to thwart the designs of those who are involved in illegal activities like human trafficking, and child smuggling.

Then there are illegal immigrants of uncertain backgrounds who can endanger the lives of others. The wall, in short, is an effort to control unauthorized immigration across the southern border.

$5 billion is not enough for the border wall

According to The Hill, the House Spending bill funds will take care of building a stretch of new physical barriers along with procurement of technology to give teeth to the security.

The Senate had allotted $1.6 billion without the provision of “any new physical barrier.” However, Trump feels the $5 billion allotted will be inadequate and has demanded allotment of a higher amount.

Kevin Yoder (R-Kan.), Homeland Security Subcommittee Chairman, said that the funds will be utilized to towards the barrier and help law enforcement agencies to acquire new technology for better protection. There are many natural barriers in the form of mountains and waterbodies and the guards at the border need suitable surveillance equipment to zero in on those who try to enter illegally.