Vaping is a lucrative business and the accessibility of the devices used to smoke has only increased. A lot of people smoke in general, but the use of e-cigs has skyrocketed among teens. And now, San Francisco wants to put an end to that in their city with a decision to ban the selling of any flavored tobacco, vape pens, and e-cigarettes, according to a report from Business Insider. CNBC echoed that, "San Francisco residents overwhelmingly voted to uphold a ban on all flavored tobacco."

The details

The article confirms that as a part of a statewide primary election, democracy held as voters approved a ban on tobacco products.

It states "The ban bars the sale of items like menthol cigarettes as well as vape pens and e-cigarettes like the Juul, which comes in many flavors like vanilla and mango."

One of the reasons that the ban has been placed into action is for the public health, as using vapes and e-cigarettes are hazardous to health and others around it. It has to be seen whether the ban of the products in San Francisco will harm the industry. Even the city of San Francisco is against the products by putting up posters of the liquid resembling hot sauce, but instead being flavored tobacco.

A big business

Despite the decision to ban it in that city, the industry is doing very well and rising with the article stating that the vaping industry is labeled at "23 billion." That is a lot of money and it is only continuing to rise among both teens and even adults.

The truth of the matter is that people use e-cigarettes and vapes to quit smoking, but this is ineffective because some contain nicotine and that is the main chemical that gets individuals hooked and addicted. It seems that e-cigarettes can be a better option than smoking regular cigarettes, but it is actually not.

The industry is also smart because they have been able to cater to young teens and adults by their huge line of products with many different interesting flavors for vapes.

Teens really admire and enjoy the many different concoctions at their fingertips. Ana Rule, a professor at Johns Hopkins University and an author of a recent study on e-cigs and teens told Business Insider that "Most scientists believe flavorings are used to target teenagers into becoming users." Peer pressure can be tempting, but the marketing and flavoring are at the heart of this allure.

Smoking, in general, is also a way to destress and although there are many other methods, nothing beats the cake like smoking. Especially with the allure of the flavoring and the look of it. Companies have made it seem cool to vape, especially with the smoke tricks that people can do.

Was it the right choice? Should other states follow?

From a perspective, people can see that San Francisco is making the right decision here because they voted on it and for the obvious fact that vaping and using e-cigs are not good for the individual. Even for people who don't smoke, secondhand smoke can be just as bad with individuals inhaling the smoke that comes out of vaping. Other states could follow behind San Francisco as Michael Bloomberg and others have supported the recent ban.

Certainly, other cities in California could follow as well. San Francisco equally has been the catalyst for other states, as they had a ban in 2007 on plastic bags which went statewide in 2014 and was followed by 13 other cities. We might see the end of the "juul" in other cities soon.