Today marks 4/20, a day to celebrate smoking marijuana in particular, and many will be partaking in it. It also marks the start of the weekend and a day to have fun with friends and partake in shenanigans. The support for the controversial drug has grown with nine states allowing medical and recreational use, along with forty-four states allowing just medical use. People might ask how 4/20 came about, so here are 5 interesting things about the holiday -- according to an article by Rollingout written by Mo Barnes.

Started by high school stoners

Yes, this holiday was kickstarted by a group of stoners themselves in California.

California interestingly allows the use of medical and recreational use of the drug now. "These students would meet after school activities were over at 4:20 p.m. at San Rafael High School," as stated in the article. It goes on to say that "the group became known as "Waldos" and they would say "420" to each other as a code."

Rock group

Ironically, one member of the group who started the holiday went on to become a roadie for the famous rock group The Grateful Dead. They embraced the culture and made the day more popular. They even went so far as putting up flyers at a concert inviting people to smoke the drug on April 20th at 4:20 p.m. This is how the day came about and many followed suit.

California, Oregon, and Colorado

These three states have the largest celebrations. Recreational use is allowed in all three too, but people are only allowed to have a small amount in their possession. People use marijuana for pain, to help with conditions/illnesses, and it has been said to help boost creativity.

George Washington grew it

As a matter of fact, the first president of the United States grew the drug. George Washington used hemp supposedly "to deal with toothaches, and there were instructions to keep male plants away from female plants to ensure the potency of his weed" -- according to an article from High Times.

Famous smokers

Some of the most famous individuals and stars have used marijuana and have let everyone know about it. Some well-known smokers include rapper Snoop Dogg, pop star Rihanna, famous actor Patrick Steward, musician Willie Nelson, Montel Williams, business woman and TV personality Paris Hilton, and many others. Some of the most intelligent individuals have used this drug.

Now you know some wild, crazy, and interesting facts about 4/20.