According to Hot New Hip Hop, Saturday morning, just after 10 AM, a man was found dead in his car. This man had attended the music and arts festival in Bonnaroo that started its festivities on Thursday (June 7). Consequence of Sound reported that the man who was found dead is identified as Michael Donivan Craddock, Jr. of Mount Juliet, Tennessee. His car was parked in the Plaza 6 camping area that was for the festival's guests. Hot New Hip Hop reported that the Coffee County medical examiner pronounced Michael dead upon arrival to the body around 10:30 AM.

His death is so far of unknown cause, but no one suspects foul play.

Bad vibes at festival

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Bonnaroo publicly stated that the safety of their attendees comes first. Bonnaroo also sent out a sympathy-filled statement to Michael's friends and family. Michael's death marks the 13th death in 17 years for the music and arts festival at Bonnaroo. Bonnaroo will continue on with their festival with many performances still to entertain the rest of the patrons.

Bonnaroo is a festival that has many popular artists playing on stages stretched across their festival location and many unique activities. Some of the activities include different types of yoga, sketchbook projects, yearbook projects, parades, and much more.

Even activities for children take place. When looking at Bonnaroo's website there are a lot of different sponsors that help make this festival a reality.

Still early

Michael was seen having fun at this festival before his death, enjoying the fun of it all. The medical officer believes sometime Friday afternoon Michael passed away in his car.

The medical examiner stated that Michael's vehicle was on with the heat turned up the whole time. The medical examiner is still investigating the cause of death, but so far they have found no evidence of foul play in connection with Michael's death. More details will likely get revealed at a later date.

It is still very early in the investigation and knowledge of the passing of Micheal.

Reading Bonnaroo's Twitter feed there wasn't a mention of the passing of Michael, just a lot of shout outs to everyone involved entertaining and maintaining the festival. It is a bit odd that the 13th passing of a patron happened to be on a Friday. Granted, though, seeing how the festival is on for four days gave it a 1-in-4 chance of their 13th death during the festival would be on a Friday.