People may believe that e-Cigarettes are better for you and not as bad as smoking regular cigarettes, however, it can be just as bad. A study conducted by the Unversity of California found that the moderate consumption of alcohol on a daily basis can actually be beneficial to one's health. Tea and coffee can also be good for an individual's health. Meanwhile, the use of e-cigarettes has been found to be very bad for your health. A recent study points out that teens and others are inhaling cancer-causing chemicals.

E-cigarettes harmful

The report done by the University Of California confirmed that e-cigarettes are harmful.

An article via NBC news written by author Maggie Fox describes the study in detail.

A lot of bad news for smokers, as "smoking e-cigarettes delivers cancer-causing chemicals that get into the body - and popular fruity flavors appear to be the worst, researchers reported Monday." Fruity flavors are some of the most popular to use as they smell good, but the effects are some of the most devastating.

Teenagers who choose to vape instead of using traditional cigarettes are not out of the woods, and even worse, e-cigarettes can be just as addictive as regular cigarettes as they also contain nicotine, which is the chemical that causes addiction. People think that using a vape or using e-cigarettes will get them to quit smoking, but it doesn't in retrospect.

Using the product causes tobacco use.

The University of California confirmed that "those who vape e-cigarettes also have higher levels of the cancer-causing chemicals than nonsmokers do." And the other important matter is that the chemicals are not listed on the vaping liquid, but found under the descriptions of the flavoring as stated in the article.

Those who both vape and use cigarettes were found to have high levels of chemicals in the body. Those who used vapes had a chemical found in the body called Acrylonitrile, which is a hazardous poison. The poison could cause lung cancer, according to some studies. Other chemicals that cause cancer have been found in e-cigarettes.

And the problem is that vaping use in teens is rising and they believe that it is harmless. But that is far from the case.

The solution

A solution to this matter would be to educate teens and adults that the use of vapes and other e-cigarettes is harmful. There are a number of reasons that people smoke.

Stress can be a prime factor in wanting to smoke, although, there are other ways to reduces stress besides smoking. Teens should look to playing sports, or find some other hobby. Playing video games is another more beneficial method to reduce stress or even just listening to some music or working out at the gym.

People need to learn to say no too. It can be very difficult at times to not go with the trend or give in to peer pressure.

People must look to care for themselves more because all you have is yourself.

Individuals believe that smoking cigarettes is cool and that it shows masculinity. For people who use vapes, they think it's cool because of the many smoke tricks that they can do. Both of these claims are fictional as there are other ways to be cool and everyone should be looking to be their own person and not care what others think.

Nobody in their right mind wants to get cancer and buying cigarettes of any kind is only backing up the companies that want to grow, expand, and be successful. It is just a business and they truly don't care about the individual. They just want your money, so do yourself a favor and throw away that vape or e-cigarette.