While Kate Middleton has always made it clear that her No. 1 job is being a mom, she's also a woman with many irons on the fire at any given point in time. When Princess Charlotte took a tumble on the balcony at Trooping the Colour, all the other hats Kate wears came off and she became strictly a mom comforting her daughter. Kate didn't pay attention to the crowd or the planes flying above as her full attention remained on her daughter.

Kate 'saved the day'

According to Harpers Bazaar Magazine, Kate "saved the day" with her quick mom reflexes once Charlotte slipped and fell.

This happened during the Trooping the Colour event, which is held every year in London.

What is Trooping the Colour?

Trooping of the Colour is an annual event that dates back to the 17th century when Charles II occupied the throne. This event is held the second Saturday in June and this year it fell on June 9. It is also called the queen's birthday parade. So what is it all about? All the soldiers carry the flags of their units, which started out centuries ago as a way to recognize the regiment colors in battle. It continues today, as the troops all march by, saluting their queen, who has the honor of inspecting the troops before the flag is carried, according to the Sun.

This royal event also doubles up as the queen's birthday parade.

When the Trooping the Colour parade ends, the queen and her family members take to the balcony of Buckingham Palace for the flyover by the Royal Air Force.

Princess Charlotte takes a tumble

It was during this part of the event on the palace balcony when Princess Charlotte took a tumble. As you can see above from the still shot taken from a video, Princess Charlotte had everyone's attention as mom Kate comforted her.

That is, except for Prince Harry, who seemed very involved in the planes flying over at the time.

While Princess Charlotte appeared fine once Kate calmed her down, some witnesses reported seeing the little princess hit her head on the railing when she fell, according to Harpers Bazaar. You can check out the incident below in the Instagram video.

Prince Harry and Meghan

This event also marked the first Trooping the Colour balcony trip for Prince Harry and his new bride, Meghan Markle, as they stood with the family for the queen's event. Meghan is seen chatting with Kate in the Instagram post below.

This was Meghan Markle's debut at the Trooping the Colour and she looked fabulous, according to many reports. Fox News reports that she also had some critics when it came to her choice of the off-the-shoulder dress she wore for the occasion. Some deemed her attire as "inappropriate" for this occasion. Others found her "regal," "classy," and appearing to fit right in with the royal family today.