While Prince Harry and Meghan are probably the most modern couple to ever grace the Royal Family, they are still under the ruling thumb of the Queen when it comes to some family issues. While having children is a blessed event left completely up to Prince Harry and Meghan, the titles that their children will be awarded are completely up to the Queen, according to Bustle.

Neither Meghan nor Kate were given the title of "princess" because they don't come from a royal bloodline, but Harry and Meghan's children will have that special blood running through their veins.

They will have Prince Harry for their dad. The finagling over titles for the royal brood is "not only complicated but infuriating," according to Bustle.

Titles, titles, and more titles

So why do they say that? The Queen awarded brand new titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex to Harry and Meghan on the day they wed. But it seems that only Prince Harry and Meghan's sons will be handed down the title of duke from their father, according to People Magazine.

Are daughters shortchanged?

If by chance the newlyweds only have future daughters, then the duke title will die out, which happened before. It seems the Duke of Sussex was a title that had not been used in over 200 years until the Queen took it out of storage, dusted it off, and bestowed Harry with that extra bit of royalty.

People reports that the future daughters of Prince Harry and Meghan won't inherit titles, but their future sons will. Some see this as rather archaic, and frankly, unfair, according to Bustle. As far as Prince Harry and Meghan's offspring holding the title of prince or princess, this too is left up to the Queen. She may decide to bestow these titles on the future children of the newlyweds.

Queen's decision

It was the Queen who awarded Prince William and Kate's children the titles of prince and princess, so many feel she will do the same for Harry and Meghan's future children. The only difference in the two young families is that one family, William and his wife and children, will take over the residence of the Queen one day.

The other, Harry, who is in the line of succession, travels further down the list with every child William and Kate welcome into the world, whether male or female.

No one even knows if Meghan and Harry want titles for their children. It could be something they would like to do for their kids. If and when Harry and Meghan start a family, these titles, confusing as they may be, will be something the Queen will have the final say on.

Rules do change

If you remember the rules were changed once Kate and William became husband and wife to include the female members of the royal family in that line to the throne. If history is any indication, now that the dust is settling from all the hoopla around the royal wedding it won't be long before the prospective baby watch focuses on Meghan.

Baby watch soon, if history is any indication

This also means rumors will fly and stories will be spun about an upcoming blessed event whether there is one on the way or not. There were so many reports of a baby on the way for Kate, long before Kensington Palace released the official announcement. Maybe the media has learned from history and they will wait for the official word -- if and when there is one -- before starting that frenzy.