As a new show about the battles between Princess Diana and Prince Charles is in the works, one cannot ignore the legacy left behind by Diana despite the turmoil in her life as a Royal Family member. Princess Diana once stood where Meghan Markle stands today and where Kate Middleton stood a few years back as a newlywed wife of a British prince.

It's a 'Feud'

According to Vogue, a series that goes into detail when it comes to the most epic battles between two people in modern history has taken on Charles and Diana. "Feud" has previously honed in on Bette Davis and Joan Crawford's epic fights.

Now it is across the pond where the show has set its sights, to tell the story of Charles and Diana for their new season.

Diana in a sympathetic portrayal

The casting is underway for "Feud: Charles and Diana" and the creator of "Feud" is astounded over the interest in playing the main roles for this show, especially when it comes to playing the part of Diana. According to EW, the creator of the show, Ryan Murphy, describes the role of Diana in the series as "sort of a Scarlett O'Hara part."

The show is doing a "very sympathetic portrayal" of Diana, said Murphy.

He promises that the season will be "super juicy" when it airs as a "love affair feud" with all the drama included. Despite the battles that transpired between William and Harry's parents, these young men didn't follow suit when it came to relationships.

Marriage breakdown

The breakdown of their marriage was an epic tragedy for the two young princes at the time.

But Diana bestowed a sense of family in these boys that carried through into adulthood.

Diana's love and respect for people and her focus on her two boys left William and Harry two very family-minded men. Diana planted a seed, a seed that in the future would provide two young women, who were just kids when she passed away, loving husbands in William and Harry.

A marriage consisting of three people

Diana once said that her marriage consisted of three people, which is deemed as one of the great quotes on marriage in an archived article from the Telegraph. This is how she described her marriage, which included Charles' love affair with Camila. With two young boys and a husband whose heart seemingly belonged to someone else, a solid family life was not something Diana experienced.

Diana's legacy to her two daughter-in-laws

What Diana endured in her young life was something that her sons made sure to avoid.

They became the type of husbands that Diana deserved. Both William and Harry dote on their wives, which was not something seen decades ago when Princess Diana was a new wife and mother. Both of Diana's boys married for love, with both wives coming from regular homes without a royal bloodline running through their veins.

Neither of the women was bestowed with the title of "princess," but what they were bestowed with was so much more and that would be Diana's legacy. Both William and Harry have sculpted their lives after what their own mom would want in terms of a loving husband and a family. In a roundabout way, Diana's legacy was a gift and the two women who will benefit the most from this gift are Kate and Meghan.