Earlier today, CBS News reported that North Korea stated the United States claims that they brought about the peace moves in Korea are fabricated. The United States claims President Trump’s political pressures and sanctions are what encouraged North Korea to agree to a negotiation. President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will be holding their first summit in a few weeks.

Just last month, Kim Jong-un met with South Korean President Moon Jae-in. According to CBS News, the “North’s official news agency quoted a Foreign Ministry spokesman.” The spokesman stated the United State’s claims could hinder the progress of the recent summit held between the North and the South.

The North meets with the South

At the most recent summit, Kim had agreed to wanting to improve the North’s relationship with its Southern counterpart. He mentioned his willingness to discuss the denuclearization of the peninsula, a topic that will be discussed with President Trump at the next summit. The conditions and requirements from the North regarding the denuclearization are still unclear.

Both leaders of the North and South did sign the Panmunjom Declaration on April 27 to begin the reconciliation process between both sides according to Business Insider. In addition, USA Today mentions Kim agreed to change the clocks in the North by a half hour to match the time zone in the South. President Moon Jae-in is also scheduled to travel to Washington on May 22 to meet with President Trump.

Business Insider states plans for the next summit with the US will be discussed in hopes to achieve an “official end to the Korean War.”

President Trump vs Kim Jong-un

Amidst the claims from President Trump, the North Korean leader wants to make clear that the topic of denuclearization and agreeing to meet with President Trump was his decision.

According to CBS News, Pyongyang wants to “strengthen Kim’s position going into his meeting with Mr. Trump.” The Pyongyang spokesman continues and says, “The U.S. is deliberately provoking the [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] at the time when the situation on the Korean Peninsula is moving toward peace and reconciliation.”

President Trump has expressed interest in meeting with the North Korean leader in the demilitarized zone between the North and the South.

The President confirmed on Friday that the date and place of the summit with Kim had been scheduled. Business Insider reported earlier today that the meeting will officially take place in Singapore rather than the demilitarized zone.

Although there have been recent tensions, there has also been talk of releasing three Americans from North Korea before the next summit according to USA Today. Several experts are warning that there is still much more work to be accomplished even if the prisoners are released, especially with the relationship between the North and the United States. As of May 6, 2018, the prisoners have not been released; however, it has been reported they have been moved to the capital.