Bring the cash back now. If you don't, you could be charged with theft, according to the laws in Indiana. When a Brinks armored truck spilled $600,000 all over the interstate highway it sparked a frenzy, with people jumping out of the cars and taking advantage of what looked like a jackpot free-for-all.

The scene was described as the blacktop on the highway suddenly turning green with money and bills of every denomination flying in the breeze, with some even landing in clumps. Motorists driving along I-70 at 9 AM on Wednesday morning weren't the only ones who got to scoop up what appeared to be free money.

Neighbors who lived near where the cash spill occurred scaled the highway fence and collected their newfound wealth.

Pennies from heaven personified

For most citizens, that windfall will be short-lived as the police have collected the many videos taken by people who happened upon the chaos. Authorities are investigating the videos for any license plate numbers that are visible as well as commercial vehicles with traceable names and markings. Even a school bus driver stopped to scoop up what looked like a jackpot bonanza.

How much?

According to News Channel 8, local NBC, it was a Brinks truck that lost money along Interstate-70 near the Sam Jones Expressway. An estimated $600,000 spilled all over the highway and flew through the air, landing on bushes and trees, according to the Daily Mail.

Reports today indicate that all but $100,000 was recouped from the cash spill, but that leaves quite of a chunk of money out there and presumably in the public's hands. The exact amount of money in that truck has not been divulged, but Indiana State Police report that the Brinks truck "lost its load."

They went as far as saying that the truck definitely was carrying "hundreds of thousands of dollars.

" The investigation is underway and police are asking that if anyone has any information on this incident, please give them a call at 317-899-8583.

Bring back the cash

The state police are asking for people to return the money and there will be no questions asked. The authorities are looking for that school bus driver as well as the driver of a white pickup truck who appears to have made off with a bag stuffed with cash.

With video cameras in just about everybody's pockets thanks to cell phones, there were plenty of images of the free-for-all that took place on I-70 in Indiana on Wednesday.

So how did this happen?

According to the Daily Mail, the back doors of the Brinks truck flew open while driving down the highway and the truck scattered bags of money over quite some distance. The Brinks truck driver told police he had no idea money was falling out of the truck until another motorist waved him down.

The bags of money smashed open on impact, setting the money free and the wind did the scattering. Some of the money remained in piles, where the bags originally came off the truck. Those piles of cash were an easy score for anyone who happened upon the money, it was all right there in a pile.

The money was spread over such a good size area that many motorists saw the money but they had no idea where it had come from, so they helped themselves. By the time the police were notified and the highway closed down, a lot of money was lost. Police want that money back today. People can be charged with theft if they did take the money off the road and don't give it back. If they come forward, it is all good and no charges will hang over their heads.