Recent reports that actor and comedian Katt Williams is facing a lawsuit for an alleged assault seem to be growing by the day. The incident allegedly involved Williams hitting a waiter with a salt shaker, with the waiter requiring hospitalization for his injuries. As of right now, details on the situation are still a bit sketchy, but there has yet to be a denial from anyone associated with Katt Williams.

Waiter seeking a large amount in suit

A report from the Hip Hop Overload indicated that Williams used a salt shaker to assault a waiter named Kevin Oliveria in Georgia.

The assault ended up knocking out the waiter and he reportedly was hospitalized, needing 10 stitches after the incident. The report goes on to say that the lawsuit is for over $500,000 in damages, but there has yet to be an official court date announced.

A report from The Source gives more insight, saying that the incident took place back in April 2016 at the Spondivits Restaurant near Atlanta, Georgia. Basically, Williams reportedly felt that he and his entourage weren't receiving proper service. Oliveria contends that Williams and his group were impatient over being told they'd have to wait for a seat. At that point, the NY Times indicates that Williams reportedly became "annoyed and irate" while waiting for a table, which led to the incident.

Oliveira indicates that is when Williams threw the salt shaker which struck him in the face and mouth. The Source indicates in their report that the suit is for $1 million.

Williams' other assault charges

This isn't the first time that Katt Williams has been facing an assault case or one involving a knockout either. This past February his former assistant alleged that Williams slapped her and knocked her unconscious.

In 2011, Williams was arrested in connection with an alleged assault against a tractor driver. In that incident, Williams went to jail but made bail the same night and was released. There was also a 2012 arrest in Oakland, California in which Williams allegedly beat up an 18-year-old Berkeley, California man using a bottle on his tour bus.

In addition, Williams has arrests from 2012 through 2016 including child endangerment, theft, and another assault in Georgia involving a clerk at a swimming pool. While the newest assault claims are still under investigation and yet to make it to court, Katt Williams' history of assaults probably won't work in his favor.