The highway was littered with blowing money, which was a sight just too good to pass up for some people driving along Interstate 70 in Indiana. A Brinks armored truck spilled hundreds of thousands of dollars along the highway and chaos ensued as cars pulled over to grab some spilled loot.

Brakes screeched and people jumped out of their vehicles stuffing pockets, purses or anything handy with that cash in what looked like a jackpot free-for-all along the highway.

Fly-away cash

The spill of money out of that armored truck went on for a while, so it wasn't as if someone could stand in one place and guard the fly-away cash.

Twenty dollar bills by the handful appeared to be there for the taking for those who stopped and helped themselves. Despite the money flying freely down the highway, it was still illegal to take what is not yours.

Indiana State Police Cpl. Brock McCooe described the scene as like something you might see in a movie. All you could see is those "loose bills flying all over the interstate" and cars stopping with people jumping out.


Not only did people stop who happened to be driving by at the time of the spill, people who live nearby also got in on the action.

Neighbors who eyed this money spill scaled the highway fence to get to the piles of cash waiting on the other side.

According to the New York Post, it was around 9 a.m. Wednesday morning when the blacktop of one stretch of Interstate-70 turned green and chaos ensued. This was no little spill, as hundreds of thousands of dollars were set free out of a Brinks armored truck.

$600,000 spill

The initial estimate put $600,000 strewn across the highway and according to NECN News live broadcast on Thursday morning it is estimated that $100,000 was still missing. Videos taken of the chaos shows car drivers and passengers helping themselves to the scattered bills, including a school bus driver.

Many of those videos are in the hands of police today, who are scanning the footage for license plate numbers in hopes of recouping some of the missing cash.

ISP Sgt. John Perrine took to Twitter and is asking anyone who gathered up the cash for themselves to please return it to the police and there will be no questions asked.

$100,000 missing amnesty offered

Despite the cash just blowing in the wind, anyone who grabbed some for themselves can be charged with theft. Police are asking that you turn it in and you will be given amnesty. They ask that you contact the Indiana State Police.

NECN News talked about the incident on their Wednesday morning show and even though it is against the law to scoop up the money, they can see why folks would be tempted to do so. It was like a sudden windfall, driving along the highway and coming across $20 bills as far as the eye can see.

Everything turns green from money

Pictures taken at the scene show bills on the blacktop, in the grass, and in the bushes and trees. It was everywhere. Because it was so widespread, people could see the cash, but not where it came from.