When Donald Trump can be corralled for an interview it seems to unfold very similar to the way he engages with the nation on Twitter. Trump doesn't use a filter to refine what he is thinking and his thoughts come out without much concern given to possible consequences. When "Fox & Friends" host Brian Kilmeade chatted with Trump recently, the president was his usual self, calling it just as he sees it.

Trump's unfiltered nature has polarized the nation. By now it is fairly obvious that some folks absolutely adore Donald Trump as the leader of the nation and others are just as passionate in their distaste for the man and where they believe he is leading the country.

Trump calls it like he sees it

Trump's "Fox & Friends" interview, which aired this morning, probably didn't do anything to change the thoughts of his naysayers, but he made sure to stand his ground on a few controversial issues.

Trump has had a good relationship with the morning show over at Fox, as he would call-in every Monday from the campaign trail and talk with the "Fox & Friends" hosts. Once he won the race, that weekly call-in stopped, but he has praised the "Fox & Friends" program, as well as Fox News in the past, as one of the few places you won't hear "fake news."

Unfiltered thoughts shared with Brian Kilmeade

Trump has some definitive views when it comes to topics plaguing the nation today and he shared his thoughts on a few of them with Brian Kilmeade.

It was an interview without much notice, as it was conducted on Wednesday and aired today, Thursday.

NFL fix for failure to kneel

He covered the NFL players who refuse to stand during the national anthem. According to The Week, Trump thought that maybe those who refuse to show their respect by kneeling shouldn't be in this country.

Trump talked with Kilmeade about the NFL commissioner's new ruling that calls for players who refuse to stand being required to pay a fine.

There was one option added to this new protocol which Trump didn't particularly care for, and he shared this with Kilmeade. Players are allowed to ride out this patriotic moment in the locker room without any repercussions from the league.

This went over like a lead balloon with Trump, but he was happy the fine was in place.

War of the 'grandchildren'

Newsweek suggests that Trump was not shy about letting Kilmeade know that his emotions regarding James Comey remain as "raw" as ever. Despite the lack of evidence, Trump is convinced that the FBI planted a "mole" among his team to gather information about him. He also had a few things to say about Comey. Trump said that the man will have to live with the lies he told and that it will be a legacy he will have to explain to his grandchildren.

Trump's words about Comey and his grandchildren came on the heels of a tweet from Comey, who basically said the same thing about Republicans.

Comey's tweet is included below.

Comey was defending the use of informants in his tweet, according to Newsweek. Both men used the opposing side's "grandchildren" to highlight the problems of having to explain current issues to future generations.

Nancy Pelosi 'divinity' gone wrong?

Then there was the backlash over Trump calling the MS-13 gang members, who are illegal immigrants, "animals." Nancy Pelosi took to the microphone at a press conference soon after Trump's recent speech which labeled the gang members "animals" and shared her own thoughts.

She said, "you have to wonder, does he not believe in the spark of divinity? In the dignity and worth of every person?"

Pelosi also said that "calling people animals is not a good thing" before ending her news conference. Donald Trump wasn't calling people animals, just the murdering gang members who may deserve that term. According to Trump, they have no respect for human life.

The president described the MS-13 gang members as: "cold, vicious killers" while speaking to Kilmeade. This just might curl Nancy Pelosi's toes when she gets wind of Trump's interview on "Fox & Friends." Apparently, in her eyes, they are all people, just like the rest of us. While many may agree that they are people, you might not find a lot of folks who would put these gang members on the same level as the rest of us.