As First Lady Melania Trump celebrates her 48th birthday, many wondered gifts she would receive from her husband. During an interview on "Fox & Friends," Donald Trump admitted that he didn't get his wife that much for her birthday due to his busy schedule.

Trump on Melania

Since the day Donald Trump announced his campaign for president, many wondered what role Melania Trump would play moving forward.

Following Trump's upset election win over Hillary Clinton, Melania has done her best to stay out of the spotlight. Despite her best efforts, the constant scandals and controversy linking her husband to extramarital affairs and sexual misconduct have reportedly put a strain on their relationship. In public, the first couple haven't look happy, as Melania is often seen pushing back at Trump's attempts at affection, including the most recent example during a meeting and ceremony with French President Emmanuel Macron.

On April 26, Melania Trump celebrated her birthday and received wishes and greetings across social media from supporters.

However, Donald Trump spent the morning being interviewed on Fox News by his favorite cable news program "Fox and Friends." During the interview, the hosts asked the president about Melania's birthday and what gifts she would be receiving. "I better not get into that because I may get in trouble," Trump said, before adding, "Maybe I didn’t get her so much."

"I got her a very beautiful card," Donald Trump said nervously.

"You know, I’m very busy to be running around looking for presents, OK?" he said with frustration. "It's Melania’s birthday, so I said, 'Let's do it (the interview) on Melania’s birthday,'" he stated, while adding, "so happy birthday to Melania."

Twitter erupts

After Donald Trump's questionable reaction to Melania Trump's birthday, critics on social media decided to hit back.

"Divorce sounds like a nice gift," one tweet read.

"Melania, just dump the Donald and get on with your life. It would be an epic move, especially while he’s still in the WH. Just go for it. Dump him," a Twitter user wrote. "Says the man that golfs every weekend!" another tweet added. "Who would even admit that? That's how much of a d*ck he is," an additional tweet noted.

"Too busy golfing and calling into TV shows to rant like a total moron. What a total embarrassment this less than a man is," a social media user wrote. "Omg, there is staff for that.

He could not have ever run a company, but we have him running the government. There are people to take care of these things. Amazon Prime. Walmart. Anything. Airforce One to Manhattan. Wow," a follow-up tweet read.