Donald Trump outdid himself today with flicking dandruff off the visiting French President's jacket as the world watched while one world leader cleaned another. The social media sites lit up with all types of comments after seeing the leader of the free world flicking dandruff off President Macron, as the two of them smiled for photos.

Some follks found this hilarious, while others found it disgraceful. Then there were a few out there who saw it as a breath of fresh air, (with a piece of dandruff floating through it.) According to Page Six, President Trump "gushed" about the friendship he has with President Macron.

Cleaning demonstration

While telling reporters that they have a great relationship and they can bank on this not being fake news, Trump decided to demonstrate just how close that relationship is. He took his index finger, and in a flicking motion near the visiting President's shoulder, Trump told the reporters he was removing a piece of dandruff from Macron's suit. He then exclaimed, "We have to make him perfect. He's perfect."

Predictions made

Trump also said how he thought Macron will make a great president. He added, "Only a prediction." With that said and done the men went on talking with reporters, Trump with a smile and Macron with a dandruff-free jacket.

A flick of Trump's finger

Social media users did not miss this flick of Trump's finger today but the majority of the comments were very negative about this random act of kindness.

Instead, it was called a "national embarrassment."

Scene out of National Geographic?

A few folks likened Trump's cleaning of Macron's jacket to the pictures seen from the exotic animal videos where monkeys groom one another by picking bits of dirt and bugs off each other.

Some even chastized Macron, with one Twitter user suggesting the French President made a "buffoon" of himself for going along with Trump's cleaning scene.

'Colorful welcome'

Some folks found Trump just being Trump when he flicked that piece of dandruff off the visiting dignitary. "Got to love the Donald," wrote one Twitter user, and another referred to Trump as treating the French President to a "colorful welcome" as he went through his flicking motion.

Words such as "idiot," "child," "sad," and "misguided" were used when describing both men. Then, of course, there were the vile words that were spewed on social media, which are too derogatory to repeat here.

Great advertising for Head and Shoulders

One Twitter user suggested Trump is the "say it like it is president," finding that "every day is a treat with Trump." Then there were the references to Head and Shoulders Shampoo, with this looking like a scene before the shampoo was used. The scene could always be used as a "don't let this happen to you" example, like something you might see at the beginning of a dandruff shampoo commercial.

Overall, Trump looked happy, and Macron -- dandruff free!