The biggest news of the day comes in the form of former FBI Director James Comey revealing that the infamous "pee tape" from the Christopher Steele dossier could actually exist. With Donald Trump lashing out in opposition, Sarah Huckabee Sanders continued in the president's defense.

Sanders on "pee tape"

It was last year when the Russian dossier was released to the public, with CNN being the first major network to reveal information about Donald Trump and his potential ties to the Kremlin.

While CNN released their report, it was Buzzfeed that dug a little deeper, claiming that the president was involved with Russian prostitutes, engaging in questionable sexual activity and that a video could possibly be available and used as blackmail by the Russians. As expected, Trump quickly denied the allegations, labeling them all "fake news" and accusing the media of liberal bias.

With his book "A Higher Truth" set to be released next weekend, James Comey was interviewed on ABC's "Good Morning America" and elaborated further on his time as head of the FBI, including the possibility of the "pee tape" being legit.

During her press briefing on April 13, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders wasted no time offering a rebuttal. "Comey will be forever known as a disgraced partisan hack that broke his sacred trust with the President of the United States," Sanders said. "One of the President’s greatest achievements will go down as firing Director Comey," she continued.

Sanders' reminder

During her press briefing, Jim Acosta of CNN decided to go back into Sarah Huckabee Sanders' Twitter feed from 2016 where she made contradictory claims about attacking the FBI. "You’ve probably seen this tweet," Acosta said to Sanders, reminding her of her tweet that read "When you’re attacking FBI agents because you’re under criminal investigation, you’re losing." In response, Sanders attempted to dismiss Acosta's reminder, stating, "I think that we’ve been very clear how we feel about some of the leadership at the FBI.

Particularly James Comey."

Next up

With Donald Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the rest of the administration coming out playing defense in response to the remarks made by James Comey, the Russian investigation only continues to heat up, with special counsel Robert Mueller having already indicted dozens of past and current associates of the president in regards to their link to Russia.