The biggest news heading into the weekend comes from former FBI Director James Comey claiming that the infamous "pee tape" dossier could exist. After Donald Trump threw a temper tantrum on Twitter, Kellyanne Conway followed in the president's footsteps during an interview on Fox News.

Conway on "pee tape"

For the last year and a half since the election of Donald Trump, American politics has been dominated by what role Russia played in the outcome. While Trump and his team have continued to deny any wrongdoing, several well-respected news outlets and government agencies concluded that the Kremlin hacked in the Democratic National Committee with the goal of helping to defeat Clinton.

Since then, an investigation has been set up to get to the bottom of what took place, much to the chagrin of the president. After being fired during the early days of the investigation by Trump, former FBI Director James Conway wrote a book which reveals controversial details, including the possibility of a video tape showing Trump with Russian prostitutes.

Donald Trump quickly pushed back against James Comey's claims, attacking in a pair of tweets on Friday morning. Doubling down on the president's defense was Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway, who did so during an April 13 interview on Fox News.

Referring to Comey as a "self aggrandizing..disgruntled ex-employee," Conway, accused the former FBI director of pushing misinformation in an attempt to "sell books."

In response to James Comey's remarks on the "pee tape" and his questions about the status of Donald Trump's marriage to Melania Trump, Kellyanne Conway was not pleased.

"I find that particular excerpt to be really egregious and over the top and unacceptable," Conway said, before adding, "that’s none of his business!"

Moving forward

As of press time, the "pee tape" in question has not been released and it's unknown if it even exists. Questions about the possibility of the tape was first made public following the release of the dossier put together by Christopher Steele.

CNN broke down the dossier, but it was Buzzfeed who released the information about the tape, though other networks have not confirmed or denied the reports. Comey's book, titled "A Higher Truth," will be released on Tuesday, April 17, and is expected to top the charts on most best-sellers lists, despite the constant push back from the Trump administration.