The world of politics and sports often intertwine, but the latest example comes with a hint of irony. After an American boxer wore shorts inspired by Donald Trump and his border wall, he was quickly knocked out by a Mexican fighter.

Trump boxer knocked out

When Donald Trump first announced his plans to run for president, he instantly caused controversy by referring to illegal immigrants as "rapists" and "murderers." Throughout his campaign, the former host of "The Apprentice" vowed to complete construction on a southern border wall, while promising to force Mexico to cover the costs.

However, since his election win over a year ago, Trump has not been able to make much progress on the issue of immigration reform, causing both Democrats and Republicans in Congress to briefly shut down the government over the future of the DACA program and the border wall.

With immigration on the minds of many in Washington and remaining a top priority in the White House, an American boxer decided to show his support for Donald Trump by wearing shorts designed as the president's border wall. Rod Salka wore shorts with the phrase "America 1st" along his waistline as he boxed Mexican fighter Francisco Vargas. The fight took place on Thursday night in Indio, California and was promoted by Golden Boy Productions.

As the fight went on, Vargas threw right and left jabs at Salka, eventually putting him down for good with a right hook to the jaw.

Salka's political history

While Rod Salka might be taking up Boxing, he also once ran for office in 2016. As a Republican, Salka lost to the incumbent Democrat William Kortz by over 30 points in a race for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives District 38.

Twitter erupts

In response to Rod Salka and his Trump-inspired shorts getting knocked out by Francisco Vargas of Mexico, social media quickly went viral.

"Walls have never worked in the long run. They have a tendency to not function properly," one tweet read.

"Not a boxing fan (in fact I hate boxing) but watching this racist a** getting a beating was gratifying," a Twitter user wrote. "As an American, I am so proud of my neighbor to the South!!! Thanks you, Francisco, for making me smile tonight!" a tweet went on to read.

"I haven’t had this much fun watching my country get owned since that November USMNT WCQ game," a social media user wrote.

"Lol we understand it's a free country and no on here to judge your political choice...But a brick wall theme trunk to fight a Mexican and get a beating ??? Lol He didn't help himself with that one," a follow-up tweet read.