Kellyanne Conway got into a heated exchange on CNN on Sunday morning when she was asked about her husband's recent tweets criticizing Donald Trump. After her appearance went viral on social media, Conway fired back on her personal Twitter account.

Kellyanne on CNN

It was in the summer of 2016 when Paul Manafort resigned as campaign manager for Donald Trump after his financial ties to Russia were made public.

To fill the void left by Manafort's exit, Trump hired Kellyanne Conway who had previously been known as a top Republican pollster. In the weeks and months that followed, Conway quickly became a household name for her appearances on cable news where she would often clash with hosts as she did her best to defend Trump and his agenda. Since Trump was elected, Conway has continued to make the news, though she often spends more time on the Trump-friendly Fox News in an attempt to avoid the debate.

On Sunday morning, Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN with host Dana Bash who asked about the ramifications of her husband's tweets that have not been kind to Donald Trump.

Conway was quick to lash out, accusing CNN of sexism and pushing a question that was "meant to harass and embarrass." Once the news made the rounds, Conway ripped into the media's reaction during a pair of April 22 tweets. "I say double standard against me has nothing to do w gender. She, not I, mentioned gender 2x," Conway tweeted.

"It wasn’t sexist; it was cheap & irrelevant," she added, before noting, "Meant to harass & embarrass. Mission unaccomplished."

In a follow-up tweet, Kellyanne Conway doubled down on her criticism of Dana Bash. "I've long admired fellow Jersey Girl & working mom Dana Bash. Makes this harder to comprehend," Conway wrote.

"Amidst convo about North Korean nukes & Comey leaks/ McCabe lies, the 'final q' is this?" she wondered, while stating "Under strain, pretends it was meant 2 be 'lighthearted.'"

Twitter reacts

Following Kellyanne Conway's tweet about her interview on CNN, critics made sure to fire back with their thoughts. "Donald Trump and yourself have mentioned Hillary's husband against her, McCabe's wife against him, Comey's family against him, Cruz's father against him, Jeb's family against him. Hypocrisy at its finest," one tweet read.

"I like watching you being interviewed by anyone other than Fox & Friends because they don't let you lie or avoid questions," a Twitter user added.

"You got owned on live television. Stop being such a whiny snowflake," another tweet noted.

"Oh you embarrassed yourself, Kellyanne," a social media user wrote. "Obviously your husband knows what is going on and you got caught. Trump will not be happy," a follow-up tweet read.