With James Comey's new book released last Tuesday, Donald Trump and his administration have been working overtime to discredit the former FBI director. During her latest stop on Fox News, Kellyanne Conway ripped into Comey but made an embarrassing blunder in the process.

(Kellyanne Conway's "sexting" remarks come around 00:50 seconds in the above video.)

Conway on Comey

While Democrats were once critical of James Comey for launching an investigation into Hillary Clinton's private server controversy only two weeks before Election Day in 2016, it's now Republicans who can't stand him, most notably Donald Trump.

After being fired as head of the FBI back in May, Comey has been on the receiving end of criticism from Trump and his team, which has only increased in recent weeks. The president has lashed out on Twitter, labeling Comey a "leaker," a "liar" and a "slimeball," while pushing for him to possibly be in jail. Last Tuesday, Comey's book, "A Higher Truth," was released where he gives candid information about his private meetings with the president, including his thoughts on the so-called "pee tape" dossier.

While Donald Trump has been on the offensive in regards to attacking James Comey, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway followed in his foot steps during an April 21 interview on Fox News.

When asked why she thought James Comey would not elaborate on if Donald Trump was under investigation, Conway replied, "If I had to guess, it's because the wrong person won the election." "He (Comey) was taking all types of income from his friends in the Democratic Party. The people who had been investigating Hillary Clinton at the highest levels of the FBI who we know through their sexting...I mean texting," Conway said, while embarrassingly correcting herself.

"It's all a big, toxic brew with Jim Comey at the top not acting like a leader," Kellyanne Conway said. Not stopping there, Conway then took a shot at the former FBI director for his use of the term "leadership" in his new book. "If you're going to have the word 'leadership' in your book, make sure you've displayed a modicum of leadership," she stated, before referring to Comey as a "known leaker."

Next up

With James Comey making the rounds on television, including interviews with "20/20" and "The View," it's clear that the former head of the FBI is no fan of Donald Trump, who he believes is "morally unfit to be president." In response, the Trump administration is showing no signs of slowing down their rebuttal, even if it means Kellyanne Conway making a humiliating slip-up in the process.