Allison Mack from the hit show, Smallville, was arrested on Friday and charged with Sex Trafficking. This charge comes from her involvement in an organization that was supposed to be a self-help group but instead exploited its followers.

The actress helped by bringing women into the group they were led to believe was a mentorship group. Instead of the group mentoring the women, the people running the group made their followers do absurd things such as branding initials.

The mentorship group

According to the New York Times, the mentorship group that Mack was a part of was called NXIVM.

The organization was formerly led by Keith Raniere who was recently arrested in Mexico and charged with sex trafficking. The followers of the organization had been forced to have sexual contact with him because they feared Raniere. The followers thought that if they did not follow the rules, their private information would be leaked.

The people who were in charge of running the group denied that it was a sex cult. When that occurred, former members started to speak out and stated that Raniere wanted his followers to be obedient. He created a society, which was kept in secret, named DOS. In Latin, DOS is translated as “Lord/Master of the Obedient Female Companions.”

In DOS, there were women on different levels of a pyramid and if women were on the bottom of the pyramid, then they would be considered a slave.

The slaves that were a part of the group were under their masters. When someone was a slave in the society, they had to bring in and persuade slaves to become a part of the group. By doing that, they could become masters to the slaves that they brought.

When followers of the society paid their masters back for getting slaves, they had to perform different acts to their masters and praise them.

These acts included doing work and other tasks that they were not paid to do. In addition, they had to participate in different kinds of drills that would deprive them of sleep. These drills were done throughout the day and even at night time. The women, that were permanent members of the group, had Raniere’s initials written on their pelvic regions.

Allison Mack was charged on Friday and pleaded not guilty. She is being held without bail. Mack’s publicist and lawyers declined to comment.

After Smallville

Kristin Kreuk, an actress on Smallville, was a part of the group until she left five years ago. When she was a part of the group Kreuk took a personal growth course with the group NXIVM which was to help overcome her shyness. During her involvement, she did not recall any unusual activity. Kreuk stated that she is horrified and disgusted with what the group has become.

When Smallville ended, Mack became involved in the study of acting in both good and bad ways.

When Mack was studying acting that was when she encountered Mr. Raniere. According to her website, he mentored Mack while she was studying. While being mentored, she developed a connection to nature and learned how it could be applied to her acting.