Russia has been accused of being behind a nerve agent attack in the United Kingdom. During a meeting with reporters at the White House, Donald Trump decided to speak out.

Trump on Russia

Ever since he kicked off his presidential campaign back in June 2015, Donald Trump has come under fire for defending Russia and refusing to issue any criticism.

Following his controversial election win over Hillary Clinton, several news outlets and government agencies revealed that Russia hacked into the election with the goal of electing Trump. Despite Trump's denial, he's faced constant criticism which has led to the current investigation headed by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Earlier this week, news broke that a nerve agent attack took place in the United Kingdom, leaving Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter ill and in critical condition. In response, the international community has pointed the finger directly at Russia, including British Prime Minister Theresa May pushing to expel 23 Russian diplomats for the country. As reported by ABC News on March 15, Trump took steps to point the finger of blame at Russia.

"It certainly looks like the Russians were behind it," Trump said.

"I spoke with the Prime Minister and we are in deep discussions," Donald Trump went on to say. "It's something that should never ever happen," he added, saying, "it's a very sad situation."

Twitter reaction

Following Donald Trump's remarks about the nerve agent attack, those who oppose the commander in chief decided to speak out.

"I was totally distracted by the cilantro hanging out of his pocket. Did he say anything important?" one tweet read.

"It certainly looks like you are Putin's puppet," a Twitter user wrote.

"He can never give a whole-hearted indictment on Russia. But he has no problem ripping Americans a new one....some in his own party," yet another tweet added. "Look who's the last person in the world to finally figure it out. The White House grounds keeper comes to this conclusion before Trump," an additional tweet added.

"More and more each day, Donald Trump looks like death warmed over.

What a train-wreck," a social media user wrote. "Painful to watch. He’s reluctantly accepting that the Russians are behind it but it’s very clear that he doesn’t want to address it. He’s not leading. He’s being forced to accept it. To see what a leader looks like watch May’s speech announcing sanctions at parliament," another tweet added.