Ever since Donald Trump pulled off the shocking upset over Hillary Clinton, he's taken time to gloat about his victory as often as possible. During a recent speech to a group of Marines, Trump took his bragging to another level.

Trump on Mars

The presidential election of 2016 will likely be remembered for the surprising victory of Donald Trump, as well as the credible reports of inference from Russia.

Despite the constant scandals and drama that has surrounded the administration, most recently the firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson which was confirmed by the president on Twitter, Trump has done his best to deflect the negative reports and focus on the more positive aspects of his presidency.

On Tuesday afternoon, Donald Trump made his way to San Diego, California to visit the prototypes for his proposed border wall. Following his visit, the president stopped over at Miramar Naval Air Station to address members of the military. During his speech, Trump touched on a variety of topics, including the United States and NASA going to Mars, before predictably ripping Hillary Clinton. "In space, the United States are finally going to lead again," Trump said.

"You see what's happening? The rockets are going up left and right," Donald Trump added. "Very soon, we're going to Mars," Trump said, before stating, "You wouldn't have been going to Mars if my opponent won." "You wouldn't even be thinking about it," he claimed.

Trump's space plans

Donald Trump has made it clear that he would like to see an American on Mars before the end of his presidency, either after one or two terms. Despite Trump's plan, NASA's time table is around 2033, far longer than the president would like, though their goal appears more realistic. Last year, Trump kept the majority of NASA's budget intact at around $19 billion, though he did slash about $200 million that was allocated mostly for climate change research, as well as additional education programs.

Clinton obsession

Donald Trump and his administration have been accused of having an unhealthy obsession with Hillary Clinton, which has only increased since the election of 2016. While most presidents leave their opponents in the rear-view mirror, Trump has continued to use Clinton as a punchline during his interviews, speeches, and social media rants. In addition, members of Trump's team, like White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway, have followed in his footsteps on an almost routine basis.