Morgan Roof, 18, was arrested on Wednesday at her high school after she posted inappropriate comments on her social media account. Morgan is a sister to Charleston church shooter Dylan Roof who is awaiting execution at the Terre Haute Federal Prison in Indiana. Dylan was sentenced to death for killing nine African-American worshippers. In a video of his interrogation, Dylan told the investigators that he had killed the Charleston church members in the hope of starting a race war. After killing the nine victims, Dylan walked out leaving one woman alive “to tell the story.” Police found a list of other African-American churches in the suspect’s car, according to local networks.

National School Walkout

CNN reports that Morgan made a disturbing Snapchat post with comments regarding the National School Walkout. In the post, Morgan wrote that the walkout was irrelevant and that she hopes the participants get shot. The National School Walkout was staged around the country to commemorate the 17 people killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. In a statement, the County Sheriff Department said they got reports that Roof was carrying a knife, pepper spray, and marijuana on campus which led to the arrest. So far there hasn’t been any report of an attack from any of the students in the school.

Roof was charged with two counts of carrying weapons to school and possession of marijuana.

WIS reports that the judge set a $5000 bond for Roof with the condition that she doesn't go back to school. The school principal also wrote a letter to Roof’s parents expressing her growing concern for Morgan’s behavior. The principal told reporters she is working together with the law enforcement to ensure the students’ safety.

Governor Henry McMaster thanked the teachers and students who helped avoid a “potential tragedy” by reporting Morgan's “suspicious activity.” The Governor also added that he has continuously made efforts to ask the General Assembly to allocate one certified police officer in every school in the area to no avail.

School safety still a controversial issue

Another student was arrested this week for allegedly carrying a firearm into the school compound. Authorities told reporters that the unnamed student brought a Smith & Wesson .380 handgun into the school. The other students reported the issue to a school staff who informed the police. Authorities recovered the gun and released the kid to his parents.

School safety continues to be a topic of debate over the past month. Florida lawmakers passed a bill that enacted stricter gun reforms. The House also passed a legislature on Wednesday that focuses on training educators, law enforcement and students to identify individuals who pose a threat to the school. However, many critics argue that the bill does not influence purchasing of guns or enforcing stricter background checks.