Two more packages containing bombs were found at the FedEx Distribution Center in Schertz, Texas, today after one exploded. That explosion put employees on high alert, as another package was found and kept intact. The fear for these employees and delivery drivers must be astronomical today after two people have died and three have been hospitalized from the Austin serial bomber's handiwork.

1,200 suspicious packages reported

According to USA Today, the terror that has gripped the city has prompted over 1,200 calls about suspicious packages. Residents who live near the blast that occurred Sunday night are worried about another tripwire out there that a child, adult, or pet might set off.

FedEx Distribution Center bombs

The package that exploded at the FedEx Distribution Center did cause injury to one employee, but the injury was minor, according to the latest reports.

Tripwire bomb

Sunday night a bomb with a tripwire attached to it exploded when two men on their bicycles triggered the bomb by running into the trip wire. It was the tripwire package that had police revisiting their thoughts on this bomber. They believe he is more sophisticated with his bomb-making skills than first thought.

The bomb was set against a fence, and the tripwire, which consisted of fishing wire, ran from the boxed bomb to a street sign post. When the two cyclists rode through that spot, they triggered the bomb, which knocked both men to the ground.

The grandfather of one of the men hurt said that his grandson's leg below his knee was riddled with nail-like objects that penetrated his flesh when the bomb went off. Both men were "bleeding profusely," according to the Tribune. Both men have serious injuries and are in the hospital.

Delivery package bombs on doorsteps

Then there were the first three bombs, left in three packages at different Austin homes.

These delivery box-like containers were left on the front doorsteps of homes in Austin. All three exploded, with two of the bombs killing two men and the third explosion putting a woman in the hospital. These bombs exploded when they were picked up and jarred, or when they were opened.

Police give a shout-out to the serial bomber

Police want this serial bomber to get in touch with them. They are asking on TV for the bomber to call them. They are desperately looking for this person who is planting and now shipping these bombs in Texas. They want to know why he or she is doing this. They cannot possibly imagine the motive behind these bombs which now appear to not be targeting anyone specifically.

500 agents working on this case

The Austin Police Department, along with the FBI and ATF, are diligently working to solve this case before anyone else gets hurt. There are 500 agents from the different arms of law enforcement working on this case. So far two have died and three have been hospitalized in these bombings, with the fifth and sixth bombs found today at the FedEx Distribution Center.

These two bombs today also mark the first time the serial bomber shipped the bombs out of the city of Austin. At least, these are the first known bombs outside of Austin.

Police often tell people: "if you see something, say something," and apparently, with 1,200 reports called in over suspicious packages, the masses are heeding the warning.