In recent days, Donald Trump has once again faced an wide-range of criticism and scandal as president, including the recent subpoena sent by Robert Mueller to the Trump Organization. Pushing back in defense of the president was Sarah Huckabee Sanders who did so during her most recent press briefing at the White House.

Sanders on Trump

It's no secret that Donald Trump is a magnet for controversy and drama, and the last week has been no exception.

Following his campaign-style speech over the weekend, Trump has sent out several questionable tweets, one in which confirmed the firing of now former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who first became aware that he lost his job due to the president's social media post. In addition, reports have circulated that there could be even more departures from the White House, though Trump has pushed back.

With the latest news involving Russia, Stormy Daniels, and the president's trade war, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was forced to field questions during the March 15 press briefing at the White House.

When asked about the aforementioned subpoena by Robert Mueller, Sanders replied, "We're going to continue to fully cooperate...we're not going to comment for any specific questions about the Trump Organization." Sanders also made sure to repeat the president's favorite talking point, insisting that there has been "no collusion" between Trump and the Kremlin.

A follow-up question asked if Donald Trump looked at Russia as a friend of the United States, and as expected, the press secretary danced around giving a proper answer. "I think that's something that Russia is going to have to make that determination," Sanders said, while continuing the administration's line of defense, while also taking shots at Hillary Clinton for allegedly being "out of touch" with the American people.

Instant reaction

Following Sarah Huckabee Sanders' press briefing, critics of the administration didn't take too long to hit back with thoughts of their own. "Interesting how Sarah Huckabee Sanders can get a 'BAD CASE OF RED A** when questioned about TRUMPS TWEETS about the MEDIA making MISTAKES on stories about him! Well this maybe true but what about when every time he open his HOLE, EVERYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF IT IS LIES?" one tweet read.

"Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a master of spin!

I can't believe it! She just made a snide remark about Hillary being out of touch!! LOL LOL LOL," a follow-up tweet added. "Horrible (SHS) blasting Hillary Clinton. I despise Sarah," a Twitter user wrote. "As soon as (SHS) opens her mouth I get a headache and break out in hives. I think I’m allergic to lies," another tweet stated.

"(SHS) just continues to lie to reporters," a social media user stated. "(SHS) lies to the American public with enthusiasm. We need a law preventing public officials from blatant lying," an additional tweet read.