Authorities say at least one person was severely injured and another is unaccounted for after an explosion at a chemical Plant southwest of Fort Worth, Texas. Witnesses claim they heard a loud bang which was followed by several other blasts.

First responders from the area responded to the fire at the Tri-Chem Industries Plant in Hood County. NBC reporters were able to capture secondary explosions at the plant. The video shows firefighters battling the massive flames and plumes of smoke coming from the plant. The Hood County Sheriff, Rogers Deeds, told reporters that one employee was rushed to hospital after suffering third-degree burns while another employee is still missing.

The Sheriff refused to give more details about the unaccounted person.


Cresson Mayor Bob Cornett told NBCDFW that a total of seven first responders were battling the fire. The firefighters kept their distance from the flames out of fear of secondary blasts. The highway leading to the plant was immediately crossed, and the Texas Centre on Environmental Quality was made aware of the fire. Hazardous crews were also present at the site. Lieutenant Johnny Rose told reporters that the fertilizers were not in the facility during the explosions.

Authorities continued to monitor the wind direction to avoid any injuries as a result of the fire spreading. The company has not issued a statement regarding the explosion.

According to their website, Tri-Chem industries offers chemical blending services to their clients in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast region. So far there have been no reports of an evacuation nor details of what caused the explosion.

However, the police are trying to keep civilians away from the site as they continue to try to put out the flames. Officials advised anyone who breathed the smoke or air at the time of blast to rush to the hospital.

Previous explosions

Texas has been a hotbed for plant explosions over recent years. In August 2017 two blasts shook a flooded chemical plant, triggering an intense fire.

Residents in a 1.5-mile radius of the Arkema Inc. plant were quickly evacuated. The company warned local officials of a pending fire in the plant, adding that there was no way of preventing the blast. In April 2013 another Plant explosion killed 15 people in West Texas. According to NBC, many homes nearby were damaged during the explosions, and more than 160 people were injured. Residents claimed that the blast could be felt for miles.