It was earlier this year when Donald Trump was given a full medical exam by Dr. Ronny Jackson, who then went into detail about the results during a press conference at the White House. After his assessment was questioned by critics, Trump went on to nominate him to be the new Secretary of Veterans Affairs, which is also being pushed by Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Sanders on Jackson

It's been well-documented that Donald Trump isn't the most athletic person and doesn't stick to the best eating habits.

The president's physical appearance resembles an overweight individual and he's made it known that he is a fan of fast food, like McDonald's, as well as soda. With this information being readily available, it came as a shock when Dr. Ronny Jackson praised Trump's health after giving him a full exam, questionably noting his weight of 239 lbs, just one pound shy over being listed as "obese" for a man his height. Fast forward to earlier this week when Trump tweeted out that he would be nominating Jackson to run the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Following Donald Trump's nomination of Ronny Jackson, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took to Twitter on March 30 to back the president's decision.

"Mike Pompeo (State), Gina Haspel (CIA), and Admiral Ronny Jackson (VA) have served our country with honor and distinction, are highly respected on both sides of the aisle, and should be confirmed without delay," Sanders tweeted.

Sanders' push back

After Sarah Huckabee Sanders sent out her tweet in support of Ronny Jackson and the other recent nominees of Donald Trump, the negative response quickly increased.

"Ronny Jackson might be a good physician, but has no experience overseeing such a large organization. Oh, and he lied about trumps health," one tweet read.

"Jackson is not qualified to do this difficult job.

Be like you doing it, not qualified," a Twitter user wrote. "All three are possibly the worst people Trump could have picked for the job. Can’t he pick anyone competent for any position? Guess not," yet another tweet added. "So they can be fired by tweets? Your boss doesn't have the guts to fire them in person. So much for a leader. Let alone a world leader," an additional tweet noted.

"When are you going to start serving your country with honor and distinction???" a social media user wondered about Sarah Huckabee Sanders. "I am not sure what your definition of honor is. There is no honor in torture, Sarah," a follow-up tweet pointed out.