Howard University students are protesting the institution's administration after the school's $1 million scandal led to the firing of six university employees. An internal investigation in the Office of Financial Aid last year found that grants and scholarships were being embezzled by University Financial Aid workers.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Howard President Wayne Frederick admitted to having a recollection of "some misappropriation of University-provided financial funds" back in December of 2016.

Frederick continued, saying that the institution had immediately reported the issue to an outside auditor (RSM).

Upon completing their investigation in May of 2017, the auditor concluded that any misappropriation of university funds was on account of faculty from the financial aid office.

Between 2007 and 2016, university grants were awarded by financial aid employees, where some employees happened to be registered in classes at the university while already receiving tuition remission. Within a decade, workers inappropriately refunded themselves more money for tuition -- with some attaining full rides at the school.

As a result of last year's investigation, six university employees were terminated in September for embezzling university grants, institutional funds which were intended to support financial need-based students and other student charges.

Officials did not comment on the amount the financial aid office managed to steal from the institution, but, according to an anonymously posted (and now deleted) Medium article, the six employees embezzled nearly $1 million in university-provided grants.

Screenshots from the university's database show that Tyrone Hankerson, a student-employee connected to the scandal, was able to get away with $429,000 before he was caught.

Reports indicate that Hankerson was in his senior year, on track to graduate in months.

President Frederick informed students that new policies and procedures are being implemented to strengthen Howard's internal system and university-provided awards.

Students at Howard, however, are coming forward to express their frustration with the university's lack of integrity and security.

With social media activism on the rise, Howard student organizations are holding protests around campus to advocate “student power” and have voiced their concerns through the hashtags #HUResist and #StudentPowerHU.

A student organization, HU Resist has raised issues ranging from adequate housing and safety against sexual assault culture to the resignation of President Wayne Frederick in a list of student demands.

President Frederick and the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees have not made any further public statements.