With the holiday weekend taking place, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump each sent out their own separate greetings. In response, their critics made sure not to hold back.

Trump's holiday message

As the start of Passover begins on Good Friday, those who practice Judaism and Catholicism will be getting together to celebrate with family and friends. Due to the holiday weekend, news over at the White House has been slower than usual, with Donald Trump and Melania Trump deciding to send out their thoughts in separate Twitter posts.

In a video post by Donald Trump on March 30, the president made sure to send well wishes to those who celebrate. "At this holy time of year, families across out nations, gather in homes, churches and synagogues to light candles and praise God," Trump said. "During the sacred holiday of Passover, Jewish families around the world give thanks to God for liberating Jewish people," he added. "For Christians, we remember the suffering and death of God's only son and his glorious resurrection," Trump said, before concluding, "Thank you. God bless you, and God bless America."

In a tweet sent out by Melania Trump, the first lady kept her message short and sweet.

"Wishing everyone happiness and health on this Good Friday," Melania posted, while attaching a video showing her recent trip to St. Mary's Medical Center.

Instant backlash

After both Donald Trump and Melania Trump tweeted out their holiday messages, those who oppose the first couple took time to respond. "Give me a break, this is the ultimate fake news!

You could have never written that for yourself. You even looked fake, big orange man. But no worries, MUELLER IS COMING!" one tweet read.

"He is the laughing stock of the world, a clown indeed," a Twitter user wrote, while attaching an edited picture of Donald Trump looking like a clown.

"How dare you give a religious sermon after what you have done to your family shame on you," yet another tweet went on to read. "Please, somebody tell me what inane bullsh*t he's spouting. I really don't want to hear his voice," an additional tweet read.

"STOP with this CHARADE!!

Your credibility is shot! This is literally 17 minutes from Mar-a-Largo... This is nothing more than a Photo Op and a PR Campaign in an attempt to boost your vile husband's ratings! Will Not Work!" a social media user sent back to Melania Trump. "I feel sorry for you. It must be awful to be married to a man who loves only himself. If you have any self respect, take the boy and leave. Believe me, the whole world will understand," a follow-up tweet read.