Heading into Easter weekend, Donald Trump officially announced that April would be "National sexual assault Awareness and Prevention Month." Within minutes, the president was met with predictable backlash.

Trump's backlash

It all started back in the 2016 presidential election when the now infamous "Access Hollywood" tape was released to the public which revealed Donald Trump's private sexual thoughts about a married woman.

In the weeks that followed, close to a dozen women came forward to claim that they were victims of Trump's alleged sexual assault and harassment. Since then, Trump has been forced to push back against several allegations of sexual misconduct and consensual affairs, including his reported one-night stand with adult films star Stormy Daniels.

As reported by The Hill on March 30, the White House has released an offical proclamation for "National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month." In the release, Trump urged Americans to "remain steadfast" to help prevent sexual assault and harassment in the future, adding, "Sexual assault crimes remain tragically common in our society, and offenders too often evade accountability." Trump then went on to label sexual misconduct a "heinous crime." As expected, critics of the president didn't waste anytime firing back and pointing out the irony.

Twitter reaction

After Donald Trump's press release, those who oppose the commander in chief decided to hit back on social media. "Reminder that the White House’s official position is that each of the *fourteen* women who have accused Trump of sexual assault are lying," Aaron Rupar tweeted out.

"Did they honestly think they could slip this under the radar at 5 p.m.

on a Friday on a major holiday weekend? That no one would notice that the most notorious serial s*x abuser in the country is declaring 'national sexual assault awareness and prevention month?'" David Rothkopf wrote. "Is he going to declare May lying prevention month? June can be hire only the most ethical month. July can be presidents don't golf month, etc," a Twitter user added.

"And he declared the first day of April 'April Trumps Day,'" Tony Posnanski tweeted out.

"God damnit. His entire presidency has felt like a long running 'Onion' type joke," yet another tweet went on to read. As the negative reactions continued to pour in, critics of the president made it clear that his history with women would not be forgotten.