There is much buzz at 1600 Pennsylvania about who will fill Hope Hicks’ role of communications director now that she is gone. It is common knowledge that Hope Hicks was more than the White House’s Communications Director; she was Trump’s confidant and family friend.

Along with the president, America has also been wondering who will fill the communications director’s role, especially since there have been several turnovers in the White House. Well, people may not have to wait much longer as sources told CNN that Dan Scavino, who has been serving as the White House’s Social Media Director, is likely Trump’s best bet.

Dan Scavino does not have a political background and that is because he was Trump’s Golf Caddy, who later moved to a club manager position, before serving in his current role as the social media director. Some may be familiar with Scavino’s work. He is the one who mistweeted information last year about Hurricane Irma which drew a major backlash.

Most would agree that employment mobility is a great job perk but critics question how one goes from the golf course to the West Wing without prior experience. It is indeed is a unique career trajectory.

White House job requirements

The main job requirements and qualifications for all White House positions have been loyalty and one’s ability to toss all independent thinking out the window.

With regard to the communications director’s position, this rule of thumb still applies. First and foremost, the President wants someone he can trust and Dan Scavino definitely fits that bill, according to those familiar with the Trump-Scavino relationship.

CNN’s Caitlin Collins reported that Trump trusts Scavino so much that Dan has regular unrestricted access to the POTUS’ Twitter account, and has been known to regularly post dictated tweets.

According to Collins’ sources, Scavino is even able to copy and emulate the President’s Twitter presence.

From golf course to White House

Yes, America recognizes the POTUS wants to surround himself with people he’s known for a long time. It is understood that he would like to hire people whom he trusts and feels will be loyal to him.

This is a must for Trump and not an unreasonable request.

That said, with all things being equal, logic would dictate that since Scavino lacks the skills necessary to fulfill the traditional role effectively, he'd be better off not entertaining the idea. However, this may not end up being the case.

Trump likes the former caddy, and they've got a history. So we should not be surprised if Scavino begins performing some of the communications director's tasks.

Say what?

As of now, and going forward, it is not entirely clear what the communication strategy of the White House is or if one exists. Traditional tasks of the communications director have been to unify the public and communicate on legislation.

There has been little on this front even when Hope was in office.

Perhaps the POTUS does not know the power of the role or what it entails? Or maybe Trump is looking for someone who can communicate with him and like him. If that is the case, this will be another White House position that has been shaken up, stirred and redesigned-- the Trump way.