It's a happy International Women's Day for everyone except one of the most polarizing women in the United States. Ivanka Trump is the president's daughter -- that isn't new information. Her role in the White House is constantly in flux, but in many ways, she's seen as the First Lady, despite that job actually belonging to Melania Trump. In other words, her actions and words carry a heavy weight. Her actions and words are also seen as being representative of the administration. So, when she took to Twitter to celebrate International Women's Day, the world was watching.

Ms. Trump takes to Twitter

Ivanka jumped on her social media account bright and early on Thursday morning. She counts herself as a champion of women, with success in the business world buoying her confidence. Many believe she isn't doing enough to counteract the sexist tendencies of her father and his administration, though. International Women's Day was the perfect opportunity to remind her of that.

The message seems earnest enough.

Everyone can get behind the economic empowerment of women around the world. But not everyone can get behind the messenger in this instance. Sure enough, people quickly came for Ivanka. Many immediately attacked Ivanka for her and her father's politics and the dynamics of the White House. Some claimed that she isn't an example of female empowerment because she used nepotism to get ahead.

More expressed negative visceral reactions because of the way the White House has treated anyone who doesn't fit into the white male demographic.

Overall, it's par for the course considering other times where Ivanka has tweeted things running contrary to the administration's apparent ideals. It is somewhat ironic, however, that women (and men) attacked her on International Women's Day, a time for unity.

How the president marked International Women's Day

Unsurprisingly, President Trump took the opportunity to gloat on International Women's Day. First, he jumped on Twitter to tout a related forthcoming appearance from the First Lady (the actual one).

The White House also released a statement celebrating economic successes for women over the past 14 months, especially among small business owners. Overall, it was a little more toned down for a president who admitted to sexual assault on a tape that leaked just weeks before the 2016 presidential election -- which he managed to win anyway.