Nikolas Cruz, now facing 17 counts of first-degree murder and 17 of attempted murder, lies on his bunk and stares at the ceiling for hours, according to reports obtained by NBC News. Its been three weeks since he went to his former school, killing 17 students and staff. The massacre is being referred to as the most horrid school shooting in US history. According to the report, the accused is sometimes heard laughing but keeps his head down, avoiding eye contact. Three weeks in solitary confinement and the only thing he has ever asked for is a bible.

Nikolas Cruz is considered one of the most high-profile prisoners in Broward County Jail.

Having trouble sleeping

According to the observation reports, Cruz has maintained his appetite; he has finished most of the meals he has been served. On Feb 20, six days after the gruesome murder, Cruz's lawyers visited him, and the two were heard laughing, though there was no mention of what prompted the excitement. The records show that the teenager has been cooperative, taking all his medication. Cruz is kept from interacting with other inmates, for his own safety. The reports indicate that on Feb. 14, Cruz was visited by his family and afterward requested a bible. Some nights he has trouble sleeping, turning and tossing in bed, according to the reports.

According to his visitors' log, his attorney is his most frequent visitor as well as a psychologist and investigators. According to the authorities, Cruz was arrested shortly after the shooting; he had managed to escape by filing out of the school. So far he has not uttered more than a few words since the shooting. He has spoken during court appearances but has never made any public statements regarding the shooting.

The Snead family were among the people who testified, and Cruz was living with the family at the time of the shooting. Jim Lewis, the family attorney, told reporters that none of his clients ever imagined he could do such a thing. He also added that his clients own guns, but that they are safe gun owners.

Florida lawmakers pass a new gun control bill

Educational Secretary Betsy DeVos was among the first people who visited the school after the shooting. She spoke with a small group of students who were still having a hard time. Later in the day, DeVos received a lot of backlash from the students on social media. Some claim she only came as a publicity stunt, avoiding most of the questions the students asked. Florida lawmakers have passed a new gun control bill but the governor has yet to sign it.