Every year on March 8, women all around the world reminisce about the powerful women who have shaped them: their mothers, grandmothers, celebrities, politicians, anyone.

As a young woman, it has been so incredibly powerful and inspirational to see many of the women I look up to fighting for their rights. I, along with hundreds of thousands of other females, feel inspired and hopeful that a change is on the horizon.

Time's up on inequality

This year, every day has felt like International Women's Day, as more and more women have publicly joined the resistance against gender inequality.

Thousands of marches have been planned and attended by both males and females, old and young, celebrities and average joe's.

In 2018 especially, Hollywood's leading ladies have banded together and fought rampant sexual harassment in their industry while also calling for equal pay and opportunities when compared with their male counterparts through the Time's Up and #MeToo movements.

Girl power

This year's International Women's Day has a campaign theme we can all get behind: progress. Using the hashtag #PressforProgress, women around the world have been demanding parity within their respective industries and schools. According to the International Women's Day website, the World Economic Forum found that based on the current rate of change, true gender equality will not be achieved for at least 200 years.

#PressforProgress hopes to help cut this number down drastically.

While the theme this year is progress, women should not forget last year's #BeBoldforChange theme. Every day women are channeling this theme and being bold and showing their strength by standing up for themselves and their fellow ladies.

Fighting like girls

All over the world, women have rallied for their rights this March 8.

Women in several major European cities have organized strikes to show the world how dependent our society is on women. This comes a year after "A Day Without a Woman," a widespread strike by many working women in the United States who sought to show their impact and importance within their communities.

Aside from walkouts and strikes, many women and celebrities have taken to social media to thank the women who shaped them and to celebrate their femininity.

Many have also used the day to further draw attention to the wage gap, while others protested photoshopping and unrealistic standards for women created by society.

How are you celebrating the ladies in your life today?