On the day Donald Trump decided to release the now infamous Nunes memo, he also left Washington to make his way to his private Mar-a-Lago resort in south Florida. Once he arrived, critics took time to fire back.

Trump at Mar-a-Lago

After days of heavy debate, Donald Trump made the decision to release a four page memo put together by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes summing up a nine month investigation that claims there has been anti-Trump bias at the FBI. Once the memo was released, the consensus outside of the right-wing media was that it was a bust, and likely nothing more than partisan cherry picking to deflect from the Russian investigation.

After the backlash followed, the stock market dropped 666 points before the president left the White House and landed at Mar-a-Lago.

As reported by the Palm Beach Post on February 2, Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and son Barron all touched down in Florida on Friday night. The visit marks the 122nd day that the president has spent at one of his own private properties.

Instant backlash

Upon the Trump family's arrival at Mar-a-Lago, they quickly became the source of mockery on social media. "When all else fails...go to Mar-a-Lago and cry it out," one tweet read.

"$100,000 Pyramid.

Planes. things that fly! Trains. things you ride! Automobiles. things by John Hughes! a Mar-a-Lago wedding. things that are too expensive? The Stock Market. things that crash! The Economy. things that DONALD TRUMP can CRASH!" a Twitter user wrote. "Just a friendly reminder, every trip costs taxpayers a few million, some estimates say reasonably over $3 Million.

That's PER VISIT!!! The only one winning now is Trump! All the rest of his supporters are," an additional tweet pointed out.

"The Reichstag fire has been lit...what action will Donald Trump take now?

Friday night massacre? Trump is off the Mar-a-Lago to play golf and talk to his ego. Not a good sign," yet another tweet stated. "Hey @DevinNunes Your memo is so full of sh*t, Donald Trump mistook it for a beautiful piece of Chocolate cake from Mir-A-Lago," a social media user wrote. While Trump's latest visit to his private resort didn't go over well with his critics, the Russian investigation is heating up and putting further pressure on his administration. With special counsel Robert Mueller attempting to speak with the president at some point in the near future, only time will tell how it all plays out.