In an attempt to bring attention to American Heart Month, Melania Trump decided to send out a tweet urging people to diet and exercise. As expected, critics of the president were quick to speak out.

Melania on health

It was just last month when Donald Trump took part in a full physical with White House physician Ronny Jackson. In revealing the results, Jackson appeared at the daily press briefing and made comments that left many scratching their heads. Jackson claimed Trump was 6'3, an inch taller than what had been listed on the president's previous documents.

In addition, Trump reportedly weighted in a 239 lbs, which would make him just one pound shy of being considered obese, though the doctor did recommend diet and exercise. The response from critics was full of mockery, as many didn't take the results serious;y due to the controversial nature of the numbers and information listed. Fast forward to present day and Melania Trump decided to tweet about American Heart Month on February 2.

In a tweet on Friday afternoon, First Lady Melania Trump brought attention to the importance of eating healthy and getting exercise.

"February is American Heart Month," Melania tweeted, while adding, "I encourage parents to take this opportunity to teach children about the importance of a healthy diet & exercise!" Within just a few minutes, those who oppose the administration pointed out the irony.

Reality check

After Melania Trump's tweet about diet and exercise, the backlash and mockery quickly followed.

"CHEESEBURGERS IN BED," comedian Kristina Wong tweeted out in reference to the president's eating habits.

"So a dozen diet cokes, Big Macs, filet ‘O fish sandwiches, over-cooked steak with ketchup (which is not a vegetable) paired with a belief that exercise uses up your life energy isn’t the way to live?

Please, tell us more..." a Twitter user wrote. "I love that you take on causes that your husband has zero understanding of and worse, engages in the offensive behaviors: bullying, consumption of junk food, and refusal to see any benefit to exercise," an additional tweet noted.

"You must see the irony in this statement....are you trolling your own husband?

Well played!" a follow-up tweet stated. "Start with that baby you live with, let lil Donnie know his Big Macs aren’t super healthy," yet another tweet noted. As the backlash poured in, many wondered if the first lady was sending a message in trolling to her husband.