Black History Month kicked off on Thursday as the United States put special focus on the contributions of African-Americans over the years. After Melania Trump tweeted out her message, she quickly faced criticism.

Melania on Twitter

For the better part of the last two and a half years, Melania Trump has has kept a relatively low profile while her husband has dominated the headlines due to his controversial policies and reckless behavior as president and on social media. While Melania is not one to speak out, she has found herself in the news over the last month following a Wall Street Journal report that accused Donald Trump over having an affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels in 2006, when the now first lady was pregnant with son Barron.

The White House has not issued a comment on the rumors, and Melania has kept to herself and focused on other issues at hand. As seen on her Twitter account on February 1, Melania gave quick thoughts on the start of Black History Month.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday night, Melania Trump tweeted out in honor of Black History Month. "Today marks the start of Black History Month," Melania wrote. "Let this be a time to come together in a celebration of diversity," she added. As expected, those who oppose the administration wasted no time in firing back.

Instant backlash

In response to Melania Trump's message, critics of the president decided to remind the first lady of her husband's history when it comes to promoting diversity. "Yes but she married Trump. He bashes disabled people. Diversity is not just about the color of our skin either. Look at diversity of women who still are put down by men.

Melania is trying but she stays in the background like the family pet," one tweet read.

"When will your Husband join in on this celebration?

Just wondering," a Twitter user wrote. "This diversity doesn’t exist in the White House, where will we come together at?" another tweet wondered. "You really don’t have to do this. We know you’re not into it. Just go back to NY and be happy," a follow-up tweet stated.

"I think you need to talk to your president/ husband about that statement," yet another Twitter user wrote.

"Seriously? Perhaps a conversation you should have with Donald Trump or better yet just take a knee," a social media user stated. With the negative reaction to the entire Trump family and administration showing no signs of coming to an end, only time will tell how the presidency plays out.