Following Donald Trump's State of the Union address, it didn't take long before the opinions came pouring in. For Donald Jr., he was thrilled with what he father had to say, though not everyone agreed with him.

Don Jr. on SOTU

The 2018 State of the Union address given by Donald Trump has received a wide-range of reviews, mostly down party lines. Following the address, the response on cable news was as expected, with Fox News hosts praising the president's remarks, with many on MSNBC bashing the speech as divisive and ignorant. While Trump has yet to give his opinion on how he thought he did, his son Don Jr.

has been busy in the hours since the State of the Union, sounding off in a series of Tweets on January 31.

Since the end of his father's speech, Donald Trump Jr. has made sure to highlight the president while bashing Democrats who have been critical. "Nailed it!!!" Don Jr. tweet out, before adding, "Hey Democrats, less than 5 years ago 54 of you voted to: secure the border, end the diversity lottery, spend $40b on border security, create ‘merit-based’ visas."


America now has a President that stands with our vets, stands for our flag, has turned our economy around, and is making AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!" Donald Jr. added in a follow-up tweet. "Democrats you don’t have to take stupid positions just because they are the opposite of what @realDonaldTrump wants. Next time it’s OK if you stand for God, Family, The Military, and All Time Low Black Unemployment etc...

its OK to embrace those things," he added in response to MSNBC host Joy Reid and others, before saying "the derangement is real."

Instant backlash

In response to Don Jr's Twitter ranting, critics wasted no time firing back.

"The rest of the world has lost respect for America under Trump. When he says America first, they hear 'go to hell.' Leaving Paris Accord makes us a pariah. Tourism in America is down by $4.6 billion with 40,000 jobs lost - ppl don't want to visit Trump's America," one tweet read.

"The past 8 years proved that Trump and the GOP would rather see America fail than to succeed under President Obama," another tweet added.

"No, actually you're thinking like a Republican, @SenateMajLdr to be specific. He and his party publicly stated that sentiment when Obama took over. The Dems have tried to work with your father but he can't be trusted to deliver what he promises face-to-face," a Twitter user wrote.

"The only things succeeding under Trump is Russia and DC lawyers," a follow-up tweet read. "Now, let's be honest, there's no chance of anyone seeing anything succeed under your Pops - (apart maybe from Stormy's resurrected career)" an additional tweet pointed out.