It's no secret that Fox News has become a political safe space for Donald Trump, but the conservative slant appears to have reached a new level. In a report on Wednesday night, Fox News gave the president credit for saving the life of a young girl who had brain surgery.

Fox News on Trump

Ever since Donald Trump announced his campaign for president back in June 2015, it was clear that he wouldn't have the best relationship with the mainstream media. With Trump and the press clashing on a routine basis, it was Fox News that quickly became his go-to network for partisan support.

Since his inauguration just over a year ago, hosts like Sean Hannity and those on "Fox & Friends" have gone so far in their support of the president that Trump has even promoted the programs on his social media accounts. While that has become commonplace, a report by Fox News on January 31 took their support of Trump to a supernatural level.

In an article on Wednesday night, Fox News reported that 9-year-old Sophia Campa-Peters of Texas made it out of brain surgery over the weekend and that doctors believe she will be "getting back to her normal, goofy, silly self." The article starts off by reminding readers that "On behalf of President Trump, Sarah Sanders asked the nation on Jan.

23 to pray for a little girl," before adding, "it appears that those prayers were answered." As of press time, neither Donald Trump nor the White House have issued a follow-up response.

Instant reaction

Following the story on Donald Trump's act of Prayer allegedly saving the life of a child, some Twitter users were quick to fire back.

"Donald Trump has never said a prayer in his must be kidding. He is not the second coming for Christ....he is THE DEVIL!!" one tweet read.


LOL!! I can't...LOL! trump performed his first miracle! LOL! He's on his way to sainthood! LOL! Fox News How damned pathetic," a Twitter user wrote. "Thank the doctors!! Not the Trump!" yet another tweet went on to read.

"Should maybe change this to 'doctor performs brain surgery and saves girls life,' But nope, let's give Trump's fake prayer the credit," an additional tweet stated.

"Wow Fox News ! So you guys are implying that @realDonaldTrump prayer saved Texas girl? What’s next? 'realDonaldTrump walks on water,'" another Twitter user sarcastically added. The mockery poured in as the network and the president continue to be linked to one another heading into Trump's second year in office.