Just days after Donald Trump revealed his plan to allow teachers to carry guns in school to prevent mass shootings, First Daughter Ivanka Trump was pressed on the issue. After giving her response, it didn't take long before Ivanka was met with criticism.

Ivanka on guns

Ever since the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida earlier this month, the topic of gun reform has been the most debated issue in American politics.

To the surprise of no one, the issue quickly became partisan, with those on the political right pushing back against any calls for gun control. However, unlike the aftermath of previous shootings, the survivors from the Parkland shooting have been aggressive and vocal in their demands for better gun laws, with some being highlighted in various cable news interviews, while expanding their social media reach to help promote their cause.

Donald Trump responded by proposing his plan to arm teachers in school, going as far as suggesting financial bonuses for those who decided to carry.

As expected, the president's plan was met with immediate backlash with both sides arguing their support and opposition. During an interview with NBC News on February 25, Ivanka Trump was asked where she stood on the issue and decided to defend the president's suggestion as part of a conversation that needed to happen.

"I think that having a teacher who is armed who cares deeply about her students or his students and who is capable and qualified to bear arms is not a bad idea," Ivanka Trump said, before adding, "it is an idea that needs to be discussed." Ivanka went on to say that she personally didn't know whether or not she would want to provide teachers the guns, while stating that " there is no one solution for creating safety."

Quick reaction

Following the release of Ivanka Trump's comments, those who oppose the White House didn't hold back at lashing out at the president's daughter.

"WhoTF cares what Ivanka thinks about ANYTHING? Run of the mill woman only in the spotlight because of who her father is. Please stop giving her credence," one tweet read.

"I really don’t care what Ivanka believes or thinks.

She is allowing her father to defund Planned Parenthood and start to defund birth control and women’s health. So sit still look pretty," a follow up tweet noted. "Uhhh, wrong Ivanka- it IS a bad idea and it DOESN'T need to be discussed. Just another distraction technique. What needs to be discussed is reducing gun ownership in US. PS, How'd you get that job?" a Twitter user stated.

"Explain to me why her opinion matters.

She's not a public official nor an expert on anything related to this subject. NEPOTISM is the only reason I am looking at her face right now. You CONTRIBUTE to this by continually putting her on TV. Do better," a social media user replied. "Phony and fake ! She is disgusting. She is nobody but the daughter of the Illegitimate Fraud in the WH," an additional tweet read.