After Donald Trump released the much-debated Nunes memo, Republicans and the right-wing media were jumping for joy. Once the memo was released and revealed questionable information, the president's son did his best to spin the news on social media.

Don Jr. on Nunes memo

Over the last nine months, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has been investigation potential bias at the FBI in regards to possible surveillance of members of the Donald Trump campaign.

After much debate, Nunes' 4-page memo of his findings were declassified by the president and made public on Friday afternoon. The memo revealed alleged bias at the FBI stemming the from the infamous Steele "pee tape" dossier, though Democrats and the FBI have accused Nunes of cherry picking information to fit his narrative. Commenting on the ordeal was Donald Trump Jr. during a series of tweets on February 2.

Taking to Twitter on Friday afternoon, Donald Trump Jr.

continued to push his father's anti-FBI talking points. "After 2 years of screaming Russia Russia Russia w 0 evidence, unverified sources, debunked dossiers etc... the idea of a Dem senator screaming McCarthyism is really laughable right now. Why because A congressional committee wants to make info public? LOL," he tweeted.

"More House Intel memo key point: The political origins of the Steele dossier were known to senior DOJ and FBI officials, but excluded from the FISA applications," Don Jr.

wrote. "McCabe knew that the FISA warrant was obtained using shady dossier and that all extensions were based on the original application," he added. "The Obama administration then used information that Hillary paid for to justify spying on @realDonaldTrump. If I got that right should be game over," the younger Trump went on to write.

Double down

"It would be great if the Media served as a check and balance to both sides rather than being complicit in aiding and abetting one while vilifying the other," Don Jr.

wrote in his latest attack on the mainstream media. "Honestly, what would the media be doing right now if Bush did this to Obama? Heads would roll," he wondered.

Next up

As of press time, it's unknown whether or not Democrats or the FBI will be releasing counter-documents in an attempt to further discredit the Nunes memo, though they have been outspoken about Nunes and the GOP carefully selecting information, and omitting others, to push their own agenda.