It is fair to say that Michigan State has been in the media for a long time now and that the university is in turmoil. Larry Nassar is guilty of sexually assaulting many young girls, including children. A report by the BBC provided most of the information used in this article.

Larry Nassar will be punished for it as he has been sentenced to life. Additionally, a lot of new information has been coming out since on the matter itself. Today, a father of three children that were abused by the despicable doctor, attacked Nassar.

The details

An article by BBC lists exactly what happened.

All the action occurred in a Michigan courtroom, and the father named Randall Margraves had to be restrained by three court security officers. It all happened after the man requested just "five minutes in a locked room with that demon." The judge denied his request ultimately and even when the man changed it to one minute she still declined.

That is when the father charged toward Nassar, but he was restrained and taken out of the courtroom. He shouted at the officers saying, "What if this happened to you guys?" as he was escorted out. He had other words to say to the criminal while cursing and yelling.

Many women, rightly so, have come out and talked about the extreme injustice done to them.

The good news is that the father came back to the courtroom and will not face any charges. He was brought back in front of the judge and apologized for his actions saying that he was "embarrassed." People can imagine what the father had to feel in that moment and how he feels about the situation. A parent just wants to protect their children.

It is unfortunate that this happened to the family and healing is what is needed now.

Nassar's future

Well, the doctor will ultimately face up to 175 years in prison after the testimony from 160 victims. The judge handed down the sentence on Nassar, giving him justice for his actions.

The doctor also molested Olympic gold medalists named Aly Raisman and Jordyn Wieber.

Larry Nassar was the doctor for Michigan State University and eroded the trust of athletes. Due to the big scandal, the president of MSU stood down, along with the athletic director.

The number of victims has only continued to grow in the past weeks to months. It is unclear how this will affect the enrollment of MSU or who else will step down. MSU is a mess right now and Nassar will be put away for life. Many people feel that the university should have acted more quickly in this situation.