Kentucky school shooter: - The identity of the boy who it is suspected killed two students and wounded 12 others, has been revealed. According to a report by the Daily Mail, UK, who cited the Courier Journal, he was described by fellow students as a 'real grandma's boy.'

The shooting took place at Marshall County High School Tuesday 23, 2018. The incident resulted in Bailey Holt dying on the scene and Preston Ryan Cope was declared dead at a hospital in Nashville. The boy allegedly opened fire on students who were aged from 14 to 18-years-old.

Kentucky suspect shooter name was not revealed by Police Department

Police did not initially release his name, but Daily Mail revealed, "sources close to the family confirmed his identity to the paper, and explained that he is the son of the editor of the Marshall County Online, Mary Garrison Minyard."

Gabe Parker is just 15-years-old. He was a member of the school marching band, according to witnesses, and he was quite well liked.

Other students explained that he was a quiet kid who seldom got into any sort of trouble. One parent, Jayson Roberts, told the newspaper that his son who went to classes with Gabe, said he had no known anti-social issues.

Witness says he was 'really good kid'

One of the most reliable sources of information about the school shooter came from fellow student Ashley Collie.

Her parents gave her permission to speak to the paper, and she described him as "really good kid." It seems she shared a math class with Gabe Parker.

The incident was terrifying for students and teachers. The shooting lasted for about forty-five minutes. Ashley and some other students hid away in a teachers office until police arrived and gave the all-clear.

Ashley said that he was'definitely shooting to kill,' but did not seem to be hunting down any particular students.

The school shooter is allegedly the son of a journalist editor and Daily Mail reports she rushed to the school. It must have been terribly shocking for her. While most witnesses and sources have said that he was a quiet boy with no known issues, others mentioned that he did seem to have some problems.

Shooter charged as a juvenile initially but this might change

One source told the Courier Journal that since he came back to school after the holiday period, Gabe Parker, a shooter at just 15, was 'snappy' and talked about wanting to go and join the Mafia. Other students and family members described him as a 'grandma's boy' and said he was dedicated to her and would almost anything for her.

Suspect shooter Gabe Parker was taken into custody and has been charged with two counts of murder and 12 other assault counts, as a juvenile, but apparently, the courts will try and have him charged as an adult.

ATF Louisville Division's George Huffman said that the handgun was recovered but failed to confirm the type of weapon or who it belonged to.