Blasting News reported on the story of the Mississippi man, Willie Cory Godbolt, who killed eight people Saturday night, including a Sheriff’s Deputy, before authorities shot him and took him into custody. More information is gradually coming out about the victims in the multiple shooting by Godbolt.

18-year-old Jordan Blackwell is one of the victims and the teenager died a hero, while shielding his cousin Caleb, 15, from the hail of bullets from Godbolt’s gun.

Blackwell's receive a call about the shooting in Brookhaven

Jordan’s father, Shon Blackwell said his son died when Godbolt entered their Brookhaven home.

Jordan’s mother, Tiffany, had earlier received a phone call from her friend, Sheena May, to let her know Godbolt had come to her home and had killed people. Tiffany said she had hardly processed what she had heard from her friend when she turned to her husband and sister to say she needed to be with May.

4 WWL reports the adults of the family then left the home to travel to Bogue Chitto to be with May, not thinking that it might be unsafe to leave grown children at home at that time of night.

However, Jordan was reportedly talking with his girlfriend on FaceTime in the hall of the family home when the shooting began. Jordan’s cousins, Caleb and Austin Edwards, 11, were in the living room of the house.

Godbolt shoots the lock and enters the home

When Godbolt shot the lock on the door to enter the home, Caleb reportedly hid behind a chair as bullets peppered the room. Caleb said the shooter asked Jordan, who was standing in front of Caleb’s hiding place to protect him, where his parents were.

When Jordan replied that they were in Bogue Chitto, Godbolt shot the teenager.

11-year-old Austin was also shot and killed. Reportedly there had been 12 children gathered in the home at the time, playing video games.

As noted by USA Today, the home in Coopertown Road, Brookhaven was Godbolt’s second stop on his deadly shooting spree.

Shon said he would never have thought Godbolt would hurt the children, saying he had mentored both children and they had looked up to him.

According to authorities, Godbolt was related to, or an acquaintance of, every victim in the multiple shooting rampage, with the exception of Deputy Sheriff William Durr, the police officer who first responded to the domestic disturbance call.

Victims of Godbolt's first stop on the deadly shooting rampage

In Bogue Chitto, the first stop on the shooter’s deadly rampage, Durr, 36, Godbolt’s mother-in-law, Barbara Mitchell, 55, her daughter 35-year-old Toccarra May and Mitchell’s sister, 53-year-old Brenda May died in what had originally been a domestic disturbance call at 11:30 p.m.

The third stop on his brutal shooting rampage was another home in Brookhaven, where Godbolt shot and killed 45-year-old Ferral Burage and 46-year-old Shelia Burage.

Shooter remains in hospital

Godbolt remains in the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson where he is undergoing treatment for his gunshot wound. He is facing seven counts of first-degree murder, along with one count of capital murder for the killing of Deputy Sheriff Durr.

According to Warren Strain, a spokesman for the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, the charges could change as they continue their investigation into the shooting. Court dates are pending until the shooter is released from hospital.